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  1. Main line to the separator then 1 line from the Verado and 1 from the kicker to the filter. I have a bulb prime pump on the kicker none on the Verado.

    No problem



  2. I have  nmea2000 cable 25ft new



    1 ext cable for transducer with black connector

    Price: $40.


    If interested I will be in Fair Haven for the week coming. Let me know and I will bring it with me. 
    I'm leaving Saturday so I need to know before I leave

  3. 23 minutes ago, Alumacraft205 said:

    It's probably a newer fuel injected motor .My Yamaha outboard has the gas line run to the inside and permanently connected. My Merc kicker has a primer bulb and is connected like you want to do. If I haven't used it for a while I have to pump primer. Having it permanently connected is nice 

    Same here

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