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  1. I have the Sportsman 180. I compared it to a Lund that was for sale locally and it was a no brainer for price and quality. I bought from Brian at Erie Marine, just west of Cleveland and trailered it back to NH. They have some nice new Hewescraft boats for sale or you can order to your liking and wait, which is what I did.
  2. I have a Hewescraft, a Pacific Northwest boat and agree the welds and thicker aluminum are much more substantial. Funny thing is they cost less than the Starcraft and Lunds.
  3. Yes Hewescraft makes the Sportsman model in a 16, 18 or 20 foot size. Mine pictured is a 18 foot with a Honda 100 and 8 kicker with Minn Kota i-pilot trolling motor. Starcraft was my first choice over Lund until I saw the Hewescraft. There was no doubt these boats are built better- one look at the welds will convince you. The price was actually cheaper as well- it was a no-brainer.
  4. I would not buy a new Lund. Take a look at Hewescraft aluminum boats, Way more boat for the same hard earned money. It is worth the drive to Erie Marine in OH to pick one up. Talk to Brian there and trust me- I looked at Lund and went with the Hewescraft and drove from NH to pick it up!
  5. Two from lake Winnipesaukee in NH. They don't get as big as the Great Lakes or Champlain but are still fun to catch!
  6. I live in NH and there are three party boats that go ground fishing out of Hampton NH. They are Eastmans, Al Gauron, and the Yellowbird. I recommend the Yellowbird. Haddock fishing is exceptional right now! I went two weeks ago and limited out very quickly. We drifted for over an hour with a fish on as soon as you reached the bottom. I do not know of any charters in Maine.
  7. I plan to fish Lake Ontario salmon the weekend of 9/19 and was wondering if it is too late in the season. I plan to fish out of Port Bay and was told that I should be fishing outside of Salmon River as the salmon are heading into the river at that time. Any thoughts?
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