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  1. I was a former employee of the company that has this project and did the last two all the way to lake avenue. The original Specs called for Hot-In-Place Recycling which for this project was close to $2 million. The subcontractor that i hired was from indiana, but my former employer had a different idea that would save the state some money. Don't know what that idea was or if it was accepted. Bottom line, it's about time the state is putting some funding towards repairs of LOSP.
  2. My family and I stay in Avon every year for at least a week. My dad enjoys fishing the Avon pier. I prefer fishing the surf. Going in June things will be a little slow on the surf. i recommend using 1/2-3/4 ounce jigs tips with Berkley Power Bait in a Shrimp pattern. Fish the first hour of light and the last hour. You can also fish the 1-2 ounce weights with a double hook set up. I only use cut bait for this rig. If you want to use shrimp, just go to the Food Lion and buy raw shrimp there and thaw it out as needed. Cheaper than the bait shop. As far as guides go, my sister brother and I took my Dad out for a charter out of hatteras. Cost was $600 for 4 hours. Lets just say, it took me three hours to clean all the Blues and Mackerel we caught. I don't remember the guides name, but i just stopped and grabbed a flier and a gas station and started calling people. Hope this helps and good luck.
  3. Forgot to add that the 250 grain sabots that i shoot are shockwaves.....
  4. I have a TC Z5 Omega- 50 cal with a thumb-hole stock. I believe i'm in my 7th season with it. It's been a great gun and I've harvested 95% of my deer with it since purchase. Added a 3x9 scope and it's a tack driver. Experiment with different sabots, but i prefer the 250 grain super glides. My son Caleb turned 14 this past Tuesday and harvested his first deer on Saturday with it.
  5. Thanks again to my dear friends and new friends who came out to support Taylor..... I am sitting in the hospital with Taylor as I am writing this while she is continues her last session of chemo. It was funny how everyone (and you know who i am talking about) won what they wanted to win..... Scott GOOD LUCK!!!! you should've put a clause in your donated trip. Thanks again to everyone and Happy New Year!
  6. First off i would like to thank my good friends Keith and Keith for their support through everything that Taylor has been through. Nikki, Caleb and I are forever grateful and I am PROUD to call you my friends!!!!!! Taylor is looking forward to seeing everyone at the benefit as she finishes her fourth round of chemo this week. Its hard to believe that she is going to be 17 this weekend. Just wanted to drop a note of thanks to you guys. Thanks to you Scott B. for your generous donation. Hats off to my my wifes best friend Missy, who has gathered over 100 raffle items for the event. At times like this, the support of great friends is priceless. Jeff, Nikki, Taylor and Caleb PS Happy Birthday Caleb!!!! The little guy is a double digit boy today!
  7. Being a former resident of the area and knowing the right people, I have been fortunate enough to hunt at the Seneca Army Depot. If you are an avid hunter, there is nothing like seeing those white deer move through the woods. I've taken some fairly decent deer (with my largest being an eight point with a 21" spread and 8 inch G2's). There are some very large deer within the boundaries. Seeing first hand a good friend take an eleven pointer (white buck) with 11 inch G2's was truly an incredible experience. That deer was 40 yards from my stand that day and I couldn't shoot him due to the fact that I didn't get drawn for a white tag that day. As far as rules- no cameras and you cannot leave your stand till your guide comes and gets you (you sit all day). It truly was a great expereience hunting there and I am still thankful to my friends for giving me the opportunity. For you turkey hunters------- All I have to say is holy cow- look at the beards on those thunder chickens!!
  9. Looking to see if anyone knows of a local dealer who sells used truck caps. Just got a new pickup and I'm not willing to spend $1,000+ on a new one. I've been checking Craigs List with no results. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Jeff
  10. Looking for a truck cap that would fit a Ford F150 Stepside. Not to particular on color (white if possible). Fiberglass would be best. Anyone got one, or know of anyone looking to let go of one?????? Thank you in advance
  11. For Sale: Traditions Evolution Long Distance In line 50 cal. muzzleloader. Black Synthetic Stock, Ported, Fluted Stainless Steel Barrel 1 in 28" twist Fiber Optic Sights Extra Breach Plug and Springs Thrown in Simmons 4x32 SS Scope to match Sacrifice at $150.00 firm!!!!!!! http://www.postimage.org/Pq1ryApJ.jpg' alt='Pq1ryApJ.jpg'> [/img]
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