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  1. Observer for Wilson harbor invitational needed My team is in need of a observer for this year's Wilson event. Anyone interested please contact me thru pm or this thread. Todd
  2. If anyone is interested in being a observer, we are in need of one. PM me for details. Thanks, Todd
  3. If anyone is interested in observing for the Wilson invitational my team and a couple others are looking for observers. We pay and you can fish Friday with us as well. please pm here with reply. Thanks in advance.
  4. as of now all reels are sold waiting on payment. Thanks for looking.
  5. as of right now there are 2 47s avaliable and 2 27s available.
  6. For sale 5 daiwa SG47LCA and 5 daiwa SG27LCA fishing reels. All reels, line counters and drag clickers in good working order. Will sell by the pc @ 50.00 each, buyer pays shipping. PM for information.
  7. Our team is in need of a observer for both pro-ams. We pay daily and welcome you to pre fish with us. I can be [email protected] 814 573-3207.
  8. pacific time

    WHI Information

    Well said wilderness, this could be simple.
  9. pacific time

    WHI Information

    Simple, want to fish Canadian waters. Bring a observer that is able to cross the boarder. In return your team receives the same. This makes it very simple.
  10. pacific time

    WHI Information

    Can you explain why after 3 years of being able to cross over the border now we are unable ? This new law has been in effect for two years now??? I contacted the CBSA this week about crossing into Canada(used number listed above in kevins post). I specifically asked if it was allowable to call from the dock in the am before departing. The first person answered yes you may, then I asked to talk to her supervisor. He also stated that you may call from the dock before departure, at that time they would take down all of my information and issue a border crossing number which would be given to any authorities if you happened to be pulled over and checked. I explained the tournament situation to him, his reply was as long as you call and obtain a crossing number you are not violating any rules. Wilson harbor invitational touts that this tournament is about the entrants, all of the entrants that I have talked to want the option of being able to fish Canadian waters. Why would it even be a big deal if the team actually called upon crossing, come on we all have observers on the boat??? As far as dealing with observers, if a team wants to fish Canada they must bring a observer with a passport and Canadian liscense. In return they get the same. pretty simple and not much extra work for the tournament committee.
  11. This unit will also work with hydraulic drive. The unit that drives, attaches to the steering wheel.
  12. Thanks For The Update. My Team Is In For All 3 Events. Looks Like Things Are shaping Up For A Fun Week!
  13. pacific time

    What's this........A third event?

    Come On Rick Give Us The Details.
  14. My team is in need of a observer for the upcoming Wilson harbor invitational. please pm here if you are interested. It seems as though my observer from past changed phone numbers, jim if you read this you are still welcome to observe if interested. Thanks, Todd