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  1. The HT on a Sabre is pretty much a structural piece. If there is a negative about those hulls, it is that they flex A LOT! The HT absorbs that flex. I also had the longer HT with the full length windows. I'm sure that contributed to the stress I had vs yours. Still....I would get it welded considering the damage you had. Check locally for a welder. Lots of guys would come to the boat. It's only a 15 min job.

  2. 1 hour ago, LongLine said:

    That looks more like something was not properly grounded.  EVERY electronic device must be grounded to the battery,  NOT the boat, especially on an aluminum boat and the motor must be touching the water when the boat is in the water.  I found out years ago that radios, fishfinders, etc still draw miniscule electricity even when they are turned off at the unit in order to preserve their memory,  They also need to be mounted to the boat with an insulator between them and the boat. (i.e. rubber pad, gromets, etc)   That's why isolation switches are so important.  Batteries must be in a battery container with a lid and never touching an aluminum boat hull!  Stray currents are death to an aluminum boat.


    You can check for stray currents simply by having the boat on a trailer then simply touch a voltmeter to a bare spot on the hull and a metal fence post (or metal stake driven into the ground).   


    Irg - You gotta get that boat up on land & up off the trailer.   Then use the food-colored water.  

    Having it slipped next to another boat running shore power can cause this as well.

  3. 4 hours ago, lrg355 said:

    Pic of bilge discharge and fishbox drain



    That fishbox drain just looks way too low to me. I can't see how that does not take in all kinds of water. 

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  4. Ok..cool. If the drains are on the wall of the well, I don't see how they would completely drain. Maybe you're taking water in from splash, especially if you have riders in the bow.

    Maybe a pin hole in one of the wells?

  5. I know you said at the beginning of this post that your live well drain holes are on the sides of the bow. I've never seen a 175 gls set up that way. Im fact, I've never seen any boat's li ewell drain like that. Their overflow, yes! All Nymphs use tube style plugs in their wells that also function as overflow drains, that I have seen. Their drain has always been at the stern. Perhaps your's has been modified for some reason, contributing to the cause.Are you the original owner?

  6. You can find the directions on the Depthraider web site. Basically what you show in the pic with the clincher  but the last 2 inches is stripped to the wire connector that attaches to the bolt. Then wrapped in rubber tape.

  7. I'm not sure but I believe the water is causing a connection issue with the separate wire. Based on your pics, you should be fine. I can tell you that the antenna spring likes to chew up coated cable. Especially if you are using auto stop beads.

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