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  1. I started out using way too heavy tackle for cranking and throwing spinnerbaits and lost a lot of fish. I went with some lighter tackle and my hook-up ratio is way better. You just need to set the hook- not rip it out of their mouth Curerently I'm using 17# Trilene XL with a nice soft 7' G-Loomis rod (8-17#, but it feels softer than that). In heavy stuff when I throw a spinner bait near weed edges I will occasionlly use XPS flouro cause they hit and run back into the pads and it seems to hold up better.
  2. Nice unit used maybe a half dozen times with a trolling motor transducer. Heres a link- http://store.humminbird.com/products...027359f3830203 This unit has the original brand new hull mounted transducer and needs less than $25 worth of stuff from Humminbird to be complete..... I left the needed parts on my boat that I'm selling. New boat has a combo unit, so I don't need this anymore. It has everything else ready to install. It needs this- http://store.humminbird.com/products/322977/MBCC_M and this- http://store.humminbird.com/products/271653/MHX_XNTF Has original box and instructions for $200 shipped. Cell is the easiest contact- (585)734-4532 Corey
  3. Eagle IntelliMap 500C GPS. Bought this unit new from Billy before he even used it. I used it for a few months on Lake Ontario and one year in FL on my bass boat. I bought a Flats boat that came with a GPS on it, or I'd keep it....no need for two units. It is in excellent condition. A Lowrance Great Lakes map card is included. $300 shipped. Easiest way to contact me is my cell- (585) 734-4532
  4. 777c2 for $350 shipped. Like new w/ trolling motor transducer and all hardware. Includes original box and paperwork. Like new- I only mounted it on the quick mount about 10 times. Hull transducer not included, but you can get one cheap.
  5. A real beauty....... an even 5 pounds. He did a great job getting it into the boat.
  6. nabbed this little guy on a 6" Swim Senko.... unexpecedly of course. A pretty good fighter, but gave up as he got closer to the boat. FL is great!! I've been customizing my own spinners with saltwater squid skirts with a trailer hook. Deadly combo down here!!
  7. stand back.... the gold NBK's are deadly!! I got my hands on a few last year and could not keep the fish off of them.
  8. Ray.... if you need a "tag along" Sunday LMK..... I'm kinda stuck without a boat and...... uuhhmmm gear..... till I head to FL in a few weeks.
  9. the alternator will try to overcharge a "dying" battery. If your battery is on the way out that could likely be the cause. kinda mimics what someone above said with the loose battery cable.... alternator sees the battery as "needing" a charge so it attempts to put out more amperage. check your battery at rest 24 hours after you run the boat. if it is not at least 12.6v, you should consider getting a new battery.
  10. Same here YT.... in my boat every bass gets released. Maybe next time out when I hook 'em he'll be a pound larger. I got in a bit of a scuffle with one of my dad's friends when I told him he could not keep any of his catches in my boat while I was down in FL. He was none to happy releasing a few 4 pounders he caught, and downright disgusted when I released a fistfull of 5 pounders and a 6.5 pounder. I take a quick picture if the bass is worth a darn then release it.
  11. they were all released as are all my bass Usually sometime in June when the spawning is about done you could keep your catch. I don't really pay attention because I release 'em all
  12. Found a ride on I-Bay and the largemouth were hitting today. Found a few nice spots in about 6 FOW and that seemed to be where they were parked. Boated six largemouth... all in the 2# range. A few real nice perch mixed in as well.
  13. move the throttle in and out of gear a few times..... leave it in forward to get the unit back on. Grease all the linkages before you try to slide her back on. It helps if the lower unit is level so the universal does not get bound up while installing the unit. Your probably hung up on the o-ring seal.... grease the seal and the steel hub it slides over. Should go on like butter.
  14. Great charger! I have one on my Bass boat and it is really nice. Charges each trolling motor battery on 2 separate banks and the two starting batteries in series on the third bank.
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