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  1. Thanks to all who have bought spoons blanks, just thought I'd let you know what I have left. I'm all out of both the small and large copper blanks and the large glow blanks. Small Blanks - 2 5/16" Silver - 75 Gun Metal Gray - 10 Flo Green - 107 Flo Orange - 18 Large Blanks - 3 1/4" Silver - 75 Flo Green - 35 Flo Orange - 75 Pat
  2. Got a good deal on a bunch of spoon blanks and so I thought I post them here if any of you are interested. The prices are about half of what the wholesale price is and they come with split rings and hooks. The smaller blanks are 2 5/16" long X 3/4" wide, not sure who they are made by, the larger spoons are the N1 3 1/4" blanks from Lakeland. Also got some U-shaped cutout pattern tape in 4 colors. Please send me a pm if interested. Pat Prices for small blanks: Silver - .35 cents ea. Copper - .45 cents ea. Gun Metal Smoke Gray - .40 cents ea. Flo Green/White back - .40 cents ea. Flo Orange/White back - .40 cents ea. Prices for Large Blanks: Silver - .45 cents ea. Copper - .55 cents ea. Flo Orange/White back - .50 cents ea. Flo Green/White back - .50 cents ea. Glow White (front and back) - .75 cents ea. Tape - .10 cents/ft White is glow
  3. Looking to buy Can-Am spoons which were made by the Al's Goldfish Co if anyone would like to part with some. These spoons are no longer produced and I'm down to my last one, I'm looking for the Red/White colored one which is the same size as the Mooselook Jr. 1/4oz size but will take any colors/sizes. Please contact me by PM here on LOU. Below is a photo of the one. Thanks Pat
  4. Unfortunately I cannot go out and just buy them seeing as I live over here in Vermont but would be on the phone in a heartbeat to order them. Thanks guys for all your help !!!!! Pat
  5. Billy Thanks a lot, looks like them named them appropriatetly "GOLD". Pat
  6. Billy V Are they still producing them and if so where can you get them. Nobody has them listed not even the NK site, would really like to try them. Pat
  7. John I have used Silverthread Excaliber which is a copolymer line for 3 yrs now as my main line. I use it on my rigger rods and also my spin casters and have found it to be a good all around line. Pat
  8. Thanks Yankee !!!! Pat
  9. Does anyone know if the NK gold series NBK's are out yet ? I have been keeping an eye out for them but have not seen them on NK site or any other sites that carry NK's. Thanks Pat
  10. Ray As a newbie here I look forward to you posts, I think someone should lighten up and get a clue because they are coming off as a ***, you know what I mean. I think the banter that goes on with you and other members is hilarious, it keeps me coming back along with the great guys here. Pat
  11. Hey Shawn From a fellow Vermonter welcome to the site. The guys on this site are great, extremely knowledge and willing to share info. You should fit right in, these guys are crazy funny, have fun. Pat
  12. We have even seen a couple here on Lake Champlain and just like Jason pulled lines threw everything in the bottom of the boat and headed for cover. They just seem to come out of nowhere and when it came at us it scared the bejezzus out of me. Pat
  13. 4cs

    Hello to All

    Thanks guys I appreciate the welcome.
  14. Sponge I ran a '03 Tohatsu 5hp on my old boat 18' Starcraft center console and had no problems with it. It would troll down to .5mph and push boat at 7mph at full throttle. I just purchased a new to me '87 22' Sylvan Offshore with a 9.9 Yamaha 4 stroke kicker and can tell that there is hardly any difference in vibratation between the two motors when trolling. One other thing you will love the gas sipping of that 6hp we would use a 1/2 gallon of gas to troll all day 12 to 14hrs worth. Hope this helps and if you any questions let me know. Pat
  15. I've been reading the posts here and it seems there is a bunch of great guys on this site who are really willing to help folks out no matter what their fishing level of expertise is. I live in Vermont and fish Lake Champlain usually out of Burlington for salmon and trout. I've fished the Oswego river for 7 yrs now with Capt. Kevin Davis out of his drift boat for Kings in the fall and Steelies in March. I just purchased a new to me boat '87 Sylvan 22' Offshore cuddy cabin this fall, great price, so this year looking to get over to Lake O to get my fix of big fish. Looking forward to everyones advice on how to fish the big water. Pat
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