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  1. Thanks... I just remember that I've got an PO Box in NJ, and a shipping company will help me from there, so the company just need to ship within the US. Price for a pair of DF300EFI was less than ONE single outboard here. In Norway we have taxes.... If i buy a outboard from abroad the customs will calculate tax as this 1.$25.3XEACH HP 2. HP TAX+25% 3.(HP TAX and 25%)+Outboardprice abroad 4.Sum of nr 3X25% 5.Total price Let me take a Suki 300HP from Eds as an example 1. $25.3X300=$7590 2. $7590X25%=$9487.5 3. $9487+$17750=$27237,5 4. $27237.5X25%=$34046,875 5. Total price $34046,875 It's cheap in Norway... tax bastards
  2. Hi me and my fishing buddy are looking for new outboards to our boats. Yamaha and Suzuki. 175-350HP, where in the US can we find the chepest outboards? And will they ship abroad? Recomanded cheap stores are very welcome, please come with recomandations. And I'm sorry for my bad english
  3. I've done this and then it takes three days and the norwegian importer call or send a mail where they say: We have the exclusive rights to apex in Norway, we can order the color for you but you have to wait until april... When I want to buy lures I want it NOW... not in april
  4. Hi. I've been searching for a store in the US or Canada who have a huge amout of different apex colors 5.5". 416 Blue red mist 419 Oil can 470 Mother of pearl caramel 301 Black sparkle If anyone can give me a tips I'll be a very happy lad
  5. Thank you anyway, but it didn't looke like they got that color. I don't even know if it sold in the US. I've got mine back in the 90's
  6. could you give me a link to that 2 for 3 sale? Didn't found it
  7. I don't remember the color code for the ONE lure im looking for, but if you check out the link you'll se the pattern on a different lure. So if anyone have one or 5 of this I'm VERY intr in buying some and I'll give you a nice price. if you have or knowing someone having this please send me an email. [email protected]
  8. Weston Gear Electric Chum Grinder is the closest i've found. Your tip would have been great Ray, if I don't so much alone. Bait cutter
  9. Hi. We fish a bit with baitfish, and are looking for a device who cut and spit baitfish in the water to make a path of stench in the water to attract fish. A device who spit out cuted baitfish in intervals. Anyone of you knowing a such device?
  10. I'm a "prylbøg" as we say over here (it means buying everything) so I sent a mail to them and get confirmed that my riggs could handle this, so some Mega Sharks are gonna be shipped over the atlantic soon to. Do you recomand to use ordinary rigg wire, or should I change to my Scotty Braided Downrigger Line?
  11. 20lb... Starting to sounds great, even if I never fish deeper than 170 feet. Hmmm will my Scotty 1116 handle this weight, it around 9kg. It takes 7kg easy so maybe I should try the cannonballs even if I've one time swear of never using them
  12. My upset when fishing in the Baltic Sea (Denmark) is 10 rods who is allowed at the competision. 6 rods at the downrigger, 2 rods with small boards (yellow bird type, but with a little keel) who's attatched to the line in same way as dipsys, and 2 rods with slidediver or DD. If I use a slidediver can I get this around 50 feet on each side of the boat and around 15-20 feets deep? Or do I have to adjust a Dipsy to do this? When we tried DD last time we get it a quite distance from the boat at level 5, but we wasn't sure on the deepth of the lure. Our speed when trolling down there is around 2.5knots, down to 2knots if the waters is cold.
  13. Thank you lads! My reels are Tekota 600LC, maybe I should buy one more with 30lb line to the dipsy. I only use the DD in Baltic Sea, Danish territory because of they don't allowed planerboards. So my goal is not to get deep, my goal is to let the lure goes out from the boat and in around 20 feets deep. I see in the link you gave me J.D. that Luhr Jensen have a new Mini Dipsy. It sound perfect for the trolling in the Danish Part of the Baltic Sea, both get the lure away from the boat and down to 20 feets The onlu question I have about the Mini Dipsy is: Can it handle the NK mag spoons? You have a weight system who is totaly unknown to me... oz.... Here we use gram and kilo. A mag weight 18,5 gram. If I've calculated right. 1 oz=29,7G. 5/8=0,625 0,625*29,7=18 So can the mini dipsy handle this? Anyone who knows a store who have both the Mini Dipsy and Gamakatsu hooks? So I can conclude with... The way I've runned my dipsys are not totaly wrong, and I use mono line, Berkley Big Game. Don't want to have to thick line since In my point of view it's more important the length of the line on the reel than the thicknes. I thnk its better with 1200 feets of 0.38mm than 800 of 0.45mm. The averance size of the Baltic Sea salmon caught on trolling is around 10-15kg (22-34lb), but you can get in touch with salmon around 20kg (44lb) or if you're extremly lucky 25-28kg (55-62lb) Last may in Namsfjorden, Mid Norway they caught an Atlantic salmon on 30kg (67lb) and in Altafjord, Northern Norway a salmon was caught in a net 37kg (81,5lb) The 67lb and 55lb on the pic are caught in a sientic project and later released to the sea. I guess both were heading for River Namsen Next late may I'll be there with my boat and some Mini Dipsys
  14. Hi. I altso think the new series from Lowrance sounds exciting, but I will not baught them as pure fish finder since I'm convinced they can't match my Furuno. Best fishfinder I've ever had. And I have the small 620 with an airmar 50/200 transducer. I altso have a lot of hours with the Ray E120 with the DSM300 module since my best friend have this one, and to be honest, it's a great machine but I don't find it "up there" with the Furuno even if the screen is more than twice the size. A bit of topic, but the radar release picture from Lowrance on they're HDS serie.... WOW Maybe I'm incompetent to discuss fishfinder since I'm sponsed by Furuno on fishfinders, but if Belanor (Raymarines agent in Norway) had offer me the Ray E serie I would have refused based on my experience (and a lot of others) with the Furuno fishfinder. Before I got the 620 ( I choose this in favour of 585 because of the size on my boat) I run Lowrance for 14 years.
  15. Maybe this icefishing game from Finland could be fun? It's all in english and you can download it here http://www.kalassa.net/propilkki2/lataus2.php It may after setup be in the finnish language and that is TOTALY impossible to understand, to change to english language: Go to asetukset and choose enlanti. Then you'll get english text. NB: You can play network games to. http://www.propilkki.no it's a norwegian site, but they have a forum for non norwegian speakers Thight lines folks
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