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  1. I was thinking about going out Monday. How have they been biting?
  2. I spent the whole day out on the water and only caught 4 bass. Lost a couple and had something big break my line. Fish were jumping all around the north end but couldn't get them to bite.
  3. Thanks a lot for the info! Keep us updated on the bay.
  4. Hey Bosco, where did you find them? What did you catch them on?
  5. Went out today from 10 to 4. First time on the lake for my buddy and I. We ended up catching 2 pike and 3 large mouth. My friend caught the biggest, a 26 inch pike and a 18 inch LM. It got a little windy latter in the day.
  6. Thanks, I will try everything. I'll report back here.
  7. I'm going out to Conesus on Saturday. I'm renting a boat with a friend. Could someone tell me some place to fish for pike or walleyes?
  8. I just started getting into fishing again. I have no boat or access to one. Could you guys recommend places to go without a boat or places to rent them? I fish for everything from sunfish to walleyes, not much of a trout guy. Thanks Gary
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