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  1. Yeah, but those fellows are mostly, ummm.... not entirely stable. (as C3PO would say).
  2. The perch fishing has been lousy down there, too. Just that kind of year, I suppose.
  3. Looking to buy some nice quality tip-downs for perch fishing, from someone much more mechanically inclined and creative than I. I could use about 5-7 of them. Not afraid to spend a few bucks for quality. I live in Ontario County. Thanks much. Joe
  4. I was representing a fellow on some sort of minor traffic ticket in a small town court in Missouri, near Lake of the Ozarks. About 10 years ago, before I moved back to the finger lakes. It was "DEC ticket night," and all the jet ski unregistered/underage/BWI scum-waffles were there trying to weasel out of their tickets. They suck as much in person as they do on the water. I was talking to the DEC officer there that night, and asked him if one of these clowns got too close to my Lund, if I could shoot them. The DEC officer looked me square in the eye, without so much as a grin, and said "do you need any bullets"? True story. Pokerman
  5. So, instead of the "nice fish dinner" baloney, you should have mentioned that you'd have been better off with Ms. Smith's fishsticks. Pokerman
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