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  1. More likely either it drained due to a short or the charging system is malfunctioning.....just my 2 cents.....have you tried to recharge it off-line?
  2. My first boat was a doozie...........1959 fiberglass monstrosity. 19 feet of the most uncomfortable seating you coud imagine. Hence the name: MIAKNAZ.....you should have seen the looks from the passers-by whan they finally decoded it!
  3. But it looks good on you though!
  4. folks new to the area should know that when upstaters say "crab' they are referring to a crawfish, not a real crab!
  5. What more do folks need other than Ft Lupton Colorado? Check it out......... One aquifer/water shed they are looking at provides NYC water. Mess that up and the whole USA is in a bind. If they figure out that replacing rusty drilling pipes is better than a host of chemicals in the frac water then maybe folks will get behind the process more readily. And....why did Cheney exempt the process from most EPA Clean Water regs???
  6. Sure it burns "clean" (er). Sure it adds jobs which we need very much these days. As someone who lived in Colorado, it sure has messed up the groundwater, local wells that can be lit with a match, major sludge pits and who knows what the impact will be 10, 20,100 years from now. Is it true that this procedure has been exempted from many USEPA standards? If this practice is allowed to continue in and around ground water sources that supply major population centers no one knows what the future holds. Check it out for yourself and then decide if this is something you want to support or not.
  7. Thanks for the links. I now understand the governing principles of Ontario's water level management however I am still at a loss as to this years current low level. Bill
  8. Are the results of this effort published anywhere for public review? Living on Long Pond I can usually access Ontario from Spring until Fall when the water drops. This year I can't even launch from my slip due to low water levels. Does anyone have any information on water levels this year? I've heard that the low levels are not always necessarily due to low rainfall/snow melt. Facts only not rumors please; those I've heard. Bill On The Pond
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