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  1. not a good idea to target smallmouth then, unless you enjoy pulling them off their spawning beds and ruining their spawn
  2. i have got a few questions for the guys who know about custom lure making. I would like to attempt to make my own custom lures. I would like to know what type of equipment I would need, paint, etc... I will have some extra cash this spring as I am a single male and hopefully uncle sam won't hit me too hard this year come tax time. I want to start with some crank baits and spoons. Not spoons for salmon trolling though, for pike. If anyone can give me some links to sites that have this equipment or give me an idea where to search all help will be appreciated! thanks
  3. i got 2 pairs of merrells. one pair are shoes and the other are sandal type. both are very comfortable. the shoes are gore-tex and are extremely comfortable and somewhat waterproof. the sandals fit like a glove and provide excellent amounts of tractions. i used to have some flip flops but my shins have some proof that on a slick dock that can be painful
  4. Thanks guys. I will be sure to remember those tips. I got one more question. Have any of you used those quick chenage clavis clips for worm harnesses and if so how well do the work?
  5. I am fishing in the Black river, where it meets lake ontario. But I also fish elsewhere for them. The hard part is the water temp and color. It changes so fast depending on the current from the river and it can wash out into Black River Bay so fast that within a day the water can go from warm and clear water to a muddy slightly cooler water. And it throws me off and trying to keep up with everything is tough.
  6. That pending record is a crock of you know what. I personally know the guy who caught it. He knew it wasn't a state record days after it was caught but he let everyone around here think it was. Worst part is he didn't even catch it on his own rod. The guy doesn't ice fish that much. Im not taking anything away from the massive walleye he caught but some thigns he did were somewhat fraudulent according to the fisherman's code.
  7. I am stomp the grounds around black river bay and I frequently make the run up to right where you are talking about. I don't use my own boat but my fish with my buddy who has a boat set up for multiple rig trolling. I know the in the winter when ice is on, we pull them through the ice out in chaumont bay, mainly on Swedish Pimples. I saw a guy near the damn in Dexter fishing for walleye. I live 5 minutes from Dexter so I get a chance ever once in awhile to shoot down there and give it a shot. Steelies have come and gone through there too I think.
  8. Ok I know I just posted like 20 minutes ago but I'm back again. I used some Dardevle Spoons this summer for pike. I tried on weed beds, shallow areas known to be laiden with perch and some other areas I have caught pike in before. But I failed to produce any pike with the 5 different types of spoons I have. I just figured I would give them a try this past summer. I did catch some off of X-Raps though. Could you guys give me some tips on using spoons for pike, bass and walleye? Thanks again guys
  9. Im still new to the walleye game (roughly 2-3 years) and I was wondering if anyone has some techniques for me to try. I have used dixie spinners, wally divers at all depths and colors. I have tried the bottom bouncers with worm harnesses, and I have even tried using a syringe to pump air into the worm , which helps keep it off the bottom. I have been fairly successful so far, my biggest walleye being 9lbs 8 oz, but i am still looking for new techniques. Thanks for any help guys.
  10. I am looking to purchase a trolling motor for my 20' Lund Alaskan. I was wondering what kind of thurst I should be looking for. And also do those remote control wrist things work? i am looking to spend between $600-$800 on a trolling motor. Any suggestions are appreciated. Oh, and this forum is amazing. I already feel at home!
  11. Thanks for the site. your help is much appreciated.
  12. I am looking for maps of Eastern Lake Ontario. Areas such as Black River Bay, Guffins Bay, Three Mile Bay, Henderson Harbor Area and Possibly the St Lawrence river. I would like to find some with the depth markings on it but that search has gone by the wayside. I live in the Watertown area and I can' find anything local. I am looking for something I can get laminated and keep with me on the boat. i am also trying to find similar maps of inland lakes like Red Lake, Moon Lake, and Black Lake. I know that is a little off topic but I am really getting into fishing now and I need to step my game up. thanks for any input guys.
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