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  1. Interested and in Rochester Area, whats best way to catch up
  2. Anybody have any thoughts on this Fish Hawk TD Probe that slides down Dipsy Line or Downrigger Cable? Little cheaper to get in market and gives idea on Dipsy Rod as well
  3. Ah! Musky Fishing, the 2 rips got your heart movin' though.
  4. Moved to Rochester from Midwest few years back, heading down to Waneta mid-October, Typically have casted large in line buclktails as a practice. Waneta should I change it up and go little smaller or large crankbaits? Or don't waiste tima and head to Chataqua
  5. Thanks, Jax we did have a great time, but I am having a hard time forgetting that big king that gave us the finger and took off. I guess thats what keeps you coming back and or drinking. The Lakers were fun to, Hope you got all that Laker slime out of your boat. [/img]
  6. Thanks a bunch, I had a lot of success for LargeMouths in the Bay my first summer and live right next to the bay so it easy to dump my small boat in. Looking forward to the challenge of chasing one of these eye's down.
  7. Just Moved to area a year ago and had good luck with LargeMouths and Perch in Ibay. Is it worth fishing some of the drop offs for Walleye or are they just not abundant enough?
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