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  1. Connvector 55 is the reel you want.... IMO
  2. BRB23

    Erie SBH 6-3

    3 Color lead ( with x-rap shads, size 8 ) has been the hot set-up for me on Erie this year as well...
  3. I'd agree. Was down Friday. Both lakes were mostly ice covered, but it was slush with a lot of holes. If not open now, after today they will be
  4. Yep, canadice still 99% ice covered, Hemlock 97% ice covered.
  5. Wow, just wont let go huh! Wind is howling out of the south right now..... I'll keep the fingers crossed it pushes that ice off the lake
  6. Thanks Zack....I was down there one morning last April and it looked as you described. A heavy southwind came thru that same day and by the time I came back in the afternoon it was open... I am hoping Thursday's forecast for mid 60's and gusty winds holds and opens it up..
  7. Another round of gusty south winds forecasted tonight. Rain as well... We'll see if it does anything 60s Thursday..
  8. Did Friday's nights heavy south wind tear the ice off of either of these lakes? Can't be long now I imagine
  9. BRB23


    Either from the Genesee or Webster Park... Its a very simple setup, could really be dropped in anywhere
  10. Thursday at this point looks pretty nice, 45 Sunny, south winds.... Would anyone know if it could be possible to troll the shallows or would there be major icebergs to deal with?
  11. BRB23

    Canadice Ice?

    I spudded out about 100 feet from the canoe launch on Sunday. Ice was about 2inches. Clear black like a window. Felt solid, but I am not brave enough for that little ice. Obviously use your own best judgement but it could be safe after these next few days...
  12. Just talked to DEC. guess they were actually Gizzard Shad... thank god. I feel a little stupid now, but those things are crazy....
  13. Went out for quick Walleye trip on I Bay last. No eyes, one Northern.... On the way back in we were under attack by these flying carp. They were everywhere. We had to cut the motor and row in.... I guess the motor vibration makes them crazy. This is a major major problem... I did some searching and found very little on this... But they have made their way to lake Ontario. Has anyone else seen this?
  14. BRB23

    Canadice Lake

    yeah definetely a good day, i wouldn't be oppossed to go back...I think I want to try Hemlock next...Its just awesome to be out there, anybody ever tried Hemlock for panfish?
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