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  1. This boat is equipped with a 140 H.P. 4 cyl. Chevy Block Mercruiser. in 2009 the boat was refitted with New Tansom and Floor It comes equipped with many electronics and other Extras It is ready to fish, The price is $3500 Serious inquires can be made to Jake @ 607-775-9425 or cell 607-743-0831
  2. Big Jon Manual Down Rigger, With side mounted counter, Lock Tilting 4' Boom, 150' new stainless cable. Good condition,............$100 Contact................607-743-0831
  3. Cannon Classic Electric Downriggers, 6' booms, Swivel bases, Good shape, work well. Reduced to $350/pair Contact Jake 607-775-9425 or cell 607-743-0831
  4. One Big Jon, with 4' Tilting boom, side mounted counter, no base.$100 In good shape with plenty of wire. Contact Jake ....607-775-9425 or call cell 607-743-0831
  5. I have them, $100 for the pair. you may contact, Jake @ 607-775-9425
  6. For running dipsey's, can anyone tell me the pros and cons of wire vs. braid
  7. A pair of Cannon Classic Electric Downriggers, With 6' aluminum booms One has three rod holders attached, the other has one rod holder attached. They are in excellent working condition. $325 for the pair, without the swivel bases, $400 for the pair with the swivel bases. Individual price for the one rod holder unit without the swivel base is $175, with the swivel base it is $225 the cost of the unit with the three rod holders attached is $200. with the swivel base attached it is $250. If purchased without the swivel base, they do come with fixed bases. I can't seem to get the pictures downloaded to this post. If interested I will be able to send pictures via Email Contact Jake 607-775-9425 or cell 607-743-0831
  8. Excellent running 5.5 Hp. Evinrude 1960 Fisherman. New points coils, impeller, and lower unit oil. $300.00 Firm Call Jake home... 607 775-9425.....cell 607 743-0831
  9. I removed a stanchion based bow pulpit from a 21' Islander It is in good shape..........$150.00 negotiable. I would imagine this Bow pulpit would fit any boat with similar size. I also removed a carriage type Bimini which attached at the windshield, ran back and attached at stern end to an adjustable track. It is white, in good shape comes with plastic windows on the sides, and has a stow cover. Built a hard top....... $150.00 not negotiable. My name is Jake (607) 775-9425 cell 607-743-0831
  10. If anyone has a 7.5hp Evinrude Fleetwin to part with, working or otherwise,(as long as the power head is in good shape) please contact me. I think the power head from 1956, thru 1958 where the same.
  11. The eye's on Owasco where picked up on sticks off the boards right on shore mid lake west shore along with Lakers, smallies ,and large mouths
  12. Scott, Covered lotta water yesterday, from Barge south of Meyers to past Salmon creek w/ boards. Then switched to riggers and dipsey's North to King's Ferry, no takers. (poor poor pitiful me) Andy went north on Sawbellie, connected with one Laker around Long point. As posted previously, Owasco has been producing.
  13. On wed. Fished from King Ferry south, to three miles south of Milliken Twice, once deep , and once on the boards in short water. The short water program produced three perch. The fish where large. up to 13", but they where not trout. On thurs. did two passes, same program, but longer range. Scored one small Bow. Pretty dismal, water temp 44-45. No flow out of the plant , thus no temp change. My buddy Chris, on Bite Me was fishing same times on Owasco, Scored big, with an assortement produced on the boards close to shore. Walleyes 4-6 lbs. Lakers several, with some larger ones in the 9-13lb.range, smallmouths 20 inch class, Largemouth 7lbs. His temp there was 55 surface, I guess smaller lake heats up quicker, turns the fish on earlier than Cayuga, Just a guess! I did happen to see a fish along the dock in four feet of water, which I thought at first was a large carp. In fact I mistook the spots of a very large Brown to be scales of a Carp. This Brown was in the 10- 12lb range He might be the only one in the lake. I hope I can take him in to meet Barney next week. All in all, everyone keep there fingers crossed for some warm days to get these fish going for the tournement. Split Shot, I'm commin after you! Chum Bucket
  14. Put a blow up doll in the passenger seat, and run FOUR RODS? (The thought has occured to me! )
  15. Very nice job, I can tell you have done that before. Now Ive got a question. When it comes to replaceing the engine and out drive what process did you use to have every thing line up properly? In my cae I should be able to pull out the old transom after disconecting it from the aluminum skin, and hopefully using it as a template for any thru holes needed. Does your buddy sell the system three, and the cabosil or will I need to contact someone like Jamestown boat builders. I would only need a small amount concidering the transom is about 36x6'4". I s the system three the same as the West Epoxy system. Thanks Jake
  16. Cmon Zeke, You know the Town of Lansing needs your support $
  17. Thanks for the reply. I live in Windsor N.Y. I need the ply for a transom rebuild, do you think fir would do the job, or would you recomend another wood? Jake
  18. Does anyone know where I might find the best deal on 3/4 marine plywood? I need two sheets, flat!
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