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  1. I have a 1989 wellcraft 230 coastal inboard out board mercruiser that needs the transom rebuilt. Anyone know a good place to get done live between buffalo and rochester
  2. I am trying to find 8" dodgers and cant seem to find them. Anyone know where ot who has them?
  3. Hello I have Florida marine tank fmt102Wc from 1989. When I pulled the pick up feed nipple off there was not a plastic tube connected to it. When I looked in the hole there was an aluminum tube going down. Not sure if that stay in the tank or stay connected to the fitting or missing a plastic tube. Try emailing manufacture and still no contact received from them thanx dave
  4. 7169301409 looking for a side pic of the motor Dave
  5. hello do you have a side pic of the motor side so can see that side
  6. Is this available I will come by today and get it Dave 7169301409
  7. Do you have them and where are you located
  8. Hello. What is the measurement from the bow eye to the transom of your boat or the end of that trailer?
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