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  1. 415C539A-10BD-4AF1-8249-B13A78C318FF.thumb.jpeg.c312a44c429c26f24a34c6b416c185b5.jpegFE952203-F439-4D02-B689-F4D3F5E95224.thumb.jpeg.1779918c352b11e7dbb249d4477720de.jpegD9161C6D-F8F5-4261-BA2F-322C0D12FFD2.thumb.jpeg.73945362e6e716500e8fdeaaebeb986d.jpeg0FEC3A60-28A9-4DEC-A422-6B64B6084C27.thumb.jpeg.aaf5012192ca338738e884770c519657.jpeg89028F15-5837-486F-90FB-DE860AC02D8A.thumb.jpeg.fea2e595a2b9211d90fdd7f657d65399.jpeg9189E10E-BAE1-42DB-9A86-B53341776721.thumb.jpeg.da1ae4df5751db2ca2074f654e3e82a2.jpeg0AB99766-8F78-4415-B632-BFE7A1E10723.thumb.jpeg.facf4319cdb25e7f2050364bfa4945d6.jpeg58B35D75-BAEF-4109-9B43-A70BCD259EEA.thumb.jpeg.f8487bb2a4fa07312b551d3a84925ad6.jpeg
    Top pic - clover

    Next - rye/clover fall planting

    Spring buckwheat

    three year old clover plot 

    Cereal rye/oats/winter peas fall planting

    cereal rye cover/clover fall

    three year old clover plot 

    buck I got this year in between clover and brassica plots

    i can’t upload brassica pic for some reason 

    good luck - Chris 






  2. 1.) learn from what the deer are telling you on your parcel - they most likely have other more preferred food sources and you don’t have a wood lot over crowded by deer, thus they aren’t eating your bulbs

    2.) try adding some winter peas to your brassica plot next year to sweeten it

    3.) most people crowd brassicas and put seed down too thick…remember to follow proper seed rates to get the best greens and bulbs. If they’re hammering your brassicas too early and they’re stunted from overcrowding , you won’t get good tubers

    4.) do a soil test each year. Brassicas and the bulbs need proper fertilizer to taste good

    5.) often it takes a few years for deer to really start hammering brassicas unless you have no other food sources

    6.) I’m not sure why you are concerned? Usually I still have some greens well into muzzle season….the deer digging up turnips, daikon etc isn’t really until deep winter on my property, after the hunting seasons

    7.) don’t plant brassicas same plot two years in a row

    8.) go back to #1 - follow what the deer tell you and plant what they eat on your parcel….what’s good for one wood lot, doesn’t always work for another.

    9.) that being said, I have five plots that I rotate , some 1/4 acre, others 1.5 acres….my go to combos are:

    - clover and cereal rye fall 

    - peas/oats/cereal rye fall

    - brassicas/radish/ turnips fall

    - spring planting of sorghum and buckwheat. I either do a no till and knock it down over rye/oats/peas or kill it and re till late summer and plant my fall stuff

    - once your clover gets going, over seed and frost seed in the early spring….imperial clover from whitetail institute is like crack to my deer

    - always always always do a soul test each year 


    fun stuff - I love love love food plots  but I’m constantly learning . 





  3. 3 hours ago, Legacy said:

    Well cameras have no doubt slowed down a bit this week with overall deer movement. Last week it seemed like the young bucks showed up in full force and it was finally the end of big bachelor groups. Not sure if there has been a change in food sources but certainly a possibility. Im getting to the point where the only thing still standing is corn and that wont get harvested until next month some time. Food is plentiful but not like it was a month ago.

    Yesterday was the first time in a very long time that I didnt have a daylight photo of a mature buck. Weather is the easy excuse. Haha, as Im writing this my cell cam notifications sound off with a mature buck pic. Too damn funny. I will say daylight photos are 3 to 1 in the pm hours. 


    The same thing happens most years in the week or so prior to "prime time rut" at the end of Oct/early November. The doe are being harrassed by big and little bucks and if one is in early estrus a few properties over, every buck in the woods is probably chasing her around. Once more does are in heat, it spreads out the rutting activity tremendously. The bucks are breaking up and starting to figure it all out.


    Also, I'm convinced that deer are more on edge this time b/c of the tremendous hunter pressure the first few weeks of bow - lots of hunting, people doing stand work, last minute camp work, etc. 


    As far as food, deer change their eating habits this time of year. They are shifting from open ag and the mixed greens of food plots, to more of woody stem browse, forbs, acorns, etc within the woods. I see it all the time - I have five food plots that are loaded with deer throughout the summer and fall, too, but many times the deer are feeding in the woods right on the edge of the plot this time of year and they're eating stems, leaves, forbs, etc.


    I think next week could be great - the first cold, calm, sunny day after the rain and wind this weekend could be great (I think that's Monday next week)


    Awesome buck you shot - congrats!!!



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  4. Lots of good advice given. I have and have mounted 100+ scopes….everything from Leupold, Nikon, Bushnell, Zeiss and Swarovski…..only one scope failure and it was a cheapo Bushnell. Rarely is it a scope failure, although certainly in the realm of possibilities but usually scope failure symptoms are erratic shots all over the place, slippage if your windage/elevation knobs, rattling when shook, rapid drops (good group and all of a sudden an outlier with a 10” drop). I’d do this:

    1.) shoot all your shots with a bench rest

    2.) buy a good scope mounting kit and fat wrench for torquing. If you’re spending $1500 on a scope, spend a few hundred more on good mounting tools. learn how to lap the rings properly

    3.) torque your rings to spec and lap them

    4.) mount scope and bore sight and torque to spec 

    5.) shoot at 50 yards first, get a good group 2” high and then move out to 100 yards dead zero if most of your shooting is at that range 

    6.) see what your MZ likes (dirty vs clean bore, swab before shot etc). That being said, I do not think it’s a bore fouling issue at 9” of rise (1-2” maybe but not a foot)

    7.) after a good group, shake your gun, turn upside down, etc and shoot another group (when we’re in the field our guns are put through all kinds of stuff so mimic the real world scenario)

    if you can’t get a good group doing this, then it sounds like bad scope but there’s just so many other variables that you haven’t tackled 


    Pm me if further ?’s



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  5. 48 minutes ago, Legacy said:

    Well I reached out to Bob Yax for dog tracking. We will be out there tomorrow am . Gonna be a tough nights sleep.

    Bob and his dog Thor are absolutely amazing. He found my beautiful buck this year......it ran 1/3 of a mile with a destroyed liver, single lung and hole in its diaphragm. Bob will walk you through the shot process, ask all kinds of questions about where your shot was, make you fill out the grid for shot placement, etc. His dog is really cool (found my deer after it went through thick bedding, 35,000 deer trails, doubled back on the blood trail and crossed a main road and finally into a corn field also filled with 1000's of tracks!!!).


    These tracking guys/gals are simply phenomenal - they take the time to find your deer and are incredibly kind and they care about the deer as much as you do.


    Thor will find it as it sounds like you have a fatal hit. Sounds like possible direct heart hit or even liver, guts if he bucked like that..... but certainly fatal. I also think the snow helps with scent.


    Thor found pinhead sized blood specks with my deer and as mentioned found it after it crossed a road.  Bob and Thor will give it their all for you. Just do NOT pet Thor if he finds your deer........ Bob will warn you


    Good luck, try and relax tonight and let us know how you make out






  6. For sale: 


    BigGame 12#, monofilament 4700 yard spool (roughly 300 yards removed so 4400 yards remaining


    Seaguar 50# fluoro leader 25 yards


    Seaguar 40# fluoro leader 50 yards


    there may be a little missing from each fluoro spool, although they look unused


    $50 shipped for all three - not separating 


    text or PM me









    Selling all 9 cameras for $200.00 total shipped!!!!! Shipping only as I’m not meeting people for face to face sales. All cameras work great. Only selling because I transitioned to cellular cameras.


    THREE Bushnell Trophy Cams Aggressor models : (middle camera has broken strap on back so it includes a homemade mount):






    THREE Browning Range Ops BTC-XR models: 






    THREE Browning Strike Force PRO BTC- 5HDP - these retail for $159 new. 




    Text or call: Chris 585-301-2197





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  8. He hit it low and back quartering away it punched through the lower flank came out cut the bottom of the chest and cut the opposite front leg. The only infection was in the front leg just above the hove but it had not spread. When we saw it last night it was walking just fine so my thought was it would have made it through the winter but you never know. We are glad that story ended on a positive note and my son said he learned a lot from the experience and believes it will make him a better hunter. 

    What a great story! Thanks for sharing and congrats again!!!!!

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  9. My son Cam shot his biggest buck to date last night! It has been real slow hunting for us all gun season but he has stuck with it and it paid off. Cam had History with this deer he had shot it back on OCT 15th with his bow but the shot was low and back but luckily it showed up on trail cameras a few days later so we believed it had survived the encounter. In my son's words I feel bad but I learned a lot from the experience. Well last night we were sitting together in a Hedge row over looking a winter wheat field and this buck stepped out at over 350 yards and even though he shoots his 270 very well he passed on the shot and I think it was the right decision. The deer went back in the woods but stepped out again but this time it was 250 yards so he decided to take the shot and dropped the buck in his tracks it was a great moment for us and I am very happy I decided to go with him so I could witness the whole thing!

    Awesome story
    Any information on thus deer surging the original bow hit? Was it weakened, infected, meat tainted etc etc?
    I’m curious what happens to these magnificent creatures following a non lethal hit
    Thanks and congrats

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  10. No sabot sleeve
    Those bullets were designed specifically for the CVA Paramount gun but I think you can use them in any MZ. That being said, the bullet likes magnum loads
    BTW there’s lots of bullets available online

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  11. I agree, that's why I use powerbelt sabot bullets for my back up shots. Way easier to load. Not as accurate, but close enough for shots under 60 yards, which is all i'm ever going to get where I usually hunt. 

    Power belt bullets are not typically used with a sabot sleeve so I’m confused here? They have their own special base but I didn’t think you use a sabot sleeve with them. I shoot Hornady SST’s sabots and they are hard as heck to push down the barrel unless I swab after every 2 shots. I have to Swab every two shots shooting from my bench

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  12. The above post is not true…..not all 209 primers are created equal.

    A standard 209 shot shell primer burns a bit hotter than those 209 primers marketed for MZ such as Remington Kleenbore or Winny 777 primers. These primers have less fouling and thus are good for MZ’s but they cannot all powder substitutes.

    You can use them with black powder substitutes like Pyrodex but you CANNOT use them with blackhorn 209 powder as they do not burn hot enough

    Blackthorn recommends CCI 209M or the Federal 209a primers

    So even though all of these are labeled 209 primers, there’s still differences among them

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  13. I have bought and sold a quite a few properties over the years and there’s quite a few factors involved in hunting land valuation. Certainly shooting 140” bucks is going to increase your valuation but in no way is it going to double of triple your price per acre. It means something emotional to you, but it doesn’t necessarily equate to huge increases in valuation. Here’s a few things that I’ve experienced:

    1.) it’s always about location, location, location in real estate. Land in Wyoming, Ontario, Genesee, Livingston, Wayne, Orleans counties is almost always more expensive then land in Allegheny or Steuben counties as they are closer to Buffalo and/or Rochester and people pay for that convenience
    2.)make sure you valuate the timber separately from the land itself. The average house realtor has no idea how to do this. Make sure you use a realtor that has experience valuations these types of things (Future forestry Consulting, Whitetail Properties are a few)
    3.) level land is always more valuable then 45 degree hills. Although the hills are great topography for hunting, level land is more valuable for building
    4.) Do you have utilities at the street or on property?
    5.) Do/will you have deed restrictions or will you limit sub surface or timber rights?
    6.) what are the current price per acre properties in your neck of the woods? This can at least give you a starting point. Yours may certainly be worth more but it can at least give you a floor.
    7.) what sort of amenities do you have on your property? Orchards, big bucks, food plots , hinge cuts etc etc. these are important to hunters but not necessarily someone who is looking at your land as a future building lot

    I’d make sure you at least reach out to someone who has experience selling lots like this. As above, I gave you a few names. I’d do your homework and get sale price data on lots around you (keep in mind some of these might be lower than current value if they were arms length transactions or in family transactions - this is often done to keep tax assessments down). Find out what lots are going for. Also, you have a great situation with your neighbor as he is already willing to give you cash.

    Good luck!!

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  14. So as the title states I have a neighbor who insists on setting up yards over the property line, virtually guaranteeing that a wounded deer will run onto ours or the other neighbor’s property, they wound deer every year and this year they have wounded three and recovered none. 
    Last night was the icing on the cake as a small buck was shot and then they tracked into my bedding area honey hole. Now I said they could (cause I don’t have the heart to be a dick) but when is enough, enough? I’m so sick of being careful and scent controlled only to have other people ruin it!!!!

    I feel your pain as I own 97 acres and my neighbor 7......he hunts the lines hard. People have every right to hunt right on top of you, as it’s their land. However they do not have a right to trespass. We started off nice where I offered him permission to track deer on my parcel but only if he called me to ask permission. He asked once, but then he started to trespass when I wasn’t there (he was an easy target on my trailcams and twice I followed his blood trails). I told him he could only enter my property with permission and I would accompany him on a tracking job. When he failed to do that and poached a deer and a turkey on my land , the big guns came out. Here’s what I did:

    1.) he got two tickets from DEC for trespass. Next time he loses his license
    2.) I wrote him letters and sent copies to my local sheriffs office and my DEC officer that states he can never enter my land ever again
    3.) the letter was accompanied by all of his pics of illegal entry on my trailcams
    4.) if he shots a deer and it runs into my land, I myself will track it after dark and take it to his doorstep to be ethical.
    5.) I have a civil lawsuit for $100,000 ready to be filed for any damages sustained if he walks on my land ever again. This is a long shot but legal action can deter a holes

    Bottom line is we started off nice but he stabbed me in the back. I used the proper channels with DEC and police to enforce my boundaries and his actions have since stopped. He also seems to have started hunting elsewhere.....you have to be firm with folks like this

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  15. On 10/3/2020 at 9:31 AM, whaler1 said:

    More pics and story to comeIMG_1637.JPG

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    Absolutely spectacular!!!


    Congrats to you and your family on a superb deer!


    P.S. - I also love your killer, lush food plots!!!!!


    Stay well



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  16. X2 on the trespassing. Not looking forward to finding idiots on our properties this year.

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    I prosecute with DEC every time. It seems to be working. Also, I have a civil lawsuit ready to be filed on my assjoke neighbor if he trespasses one more time. It’s for $100,000.00. I worked with my attorney on it - proving that his footsteps are destroying future tree saplings that I have planted for my future logging....no more screwing around. If that doesn’t work, I will build a tiny cabin on property line so he cannot hunt just entire land anymore (he will be within 500’ of it)

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