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  1. So as the title states I have a neighbor who insists on setting up yards over the property line, virtually guaranteeing that a wounded deer will run onto ours or the other neighbor’s property, they wound deer every year and this year they have wounded three and recovered none. 
    Last night was the icing on the cake as a small buck was shot and then they tracked into my bedding area honey hole. Now I said they could (cause I don’t have the heart to be a dick) but when is enough, enough? I’m so sick of being careful and scent controlled only to have other people ruin it!!!!

    I feel your pain as I own 97 acres and my neighbor 7......he hunts the lines hard. People have every right to hunt right on top of you, as it’s their land. However they do not have a right to trespass. We started off nice where I offered him permission to track deer on my parcel but only if he called me to ask permission. He asked once, but then he started to trespass when I wasn’t there (he was an easy target on my trailcams and twice I followed his blood trails). I told him he could only enter my property with permission and I would accompany him on a tracking job. When he failed to do that and poached a deer and a turkey on my land , the big guns came out. Here’s what I did:

    1.) he got two tickets from DEC for trespass. Next time he loses his license
    2.) I wrote him letters and sent copies to my local sheriffs office and my DEC officer that states he can never enter my land ever again
    3.) the letter was accompanied by all of his pics of illegal entry on my trailcams
    4.) if he shots a deer and it runs into my land, I myself will track it after dark and take it to his doorstep to be ethical.
    5.) I have a civil lawsuit for $100,000 ready to be filed for any damages sustained if he walks on my land ever again. This is a long shot but legal action can deter a holes

    Bottom line is we started off nice but he stabbed me in the back. I used the proper channels with DEC and police to enforce my boundaries and his actions have since stopped. He also seems to have started hunting elsewhere.....you have to be firm with folks like this

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  2. On 10/3/2020 at 9:31 AM, whaler1 said:

    More pics and story to comeIMG_1637.JPG

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    Absolutely spectacular!!!


    Congrats to you and your family on a superb deer!


    P.S. - I also love your killer, lush food plots!!!!!


    Stay well



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  3. X2 on the trespassing. Not looking forward to finding idiots on our properties this year.

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    I prosecute with DEC every time. It seems to be working. Also, I have a civil lawsuit ready to be filed on my assjoke neighbor if he trespasses one more time. It’s for $100,000.00. I worked with my attorney on it - proving that his footsteps are destroying future tree saplings that I have planted for my future logging....no more screwing around. If that doesn’t work, I will build a tiny cabin on property line so he cannot hunt just entire land anymore (he will be within 500’ of it)

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  4. 30 minutes ago, whaler1 said:

    Yikes!! I have 20 lbs there now, hope I don’t have the same results. Every year I give a friend a bunch of ground and he gives me some of what he has made there. This year I gave him an extra 20 lbs for sticks and salami. I love the stuff in the freezer from Swan’s, hope the Costanza’s is as good.

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    I love Costanza's and have never had a problem for the past 17 years since I moved to Ontario. The cheddar slims were perfectly done, just the mild slims were "soft". I could just tell when I picked them up as the casing was lighter pink in color, they were a little bigger and the casings weren't wrinkly like DVD's above pic.


    They tasted fine, but I just like them a little drier.


    I'm sure it's simply b/c they didn't dry them out enough.

  5. 1 hour ago, dvdegeorge said:


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    looks great


    I just picked up my Costanza's slim stick order yesterday and I was disappointed for the first time ever..... the sticks were undercooked, pale appearing and very wet. Yes, I know I can dry them myself but his quality was lacking this year and I paid 10.00/pound so I shouldn't have to finish them myself

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  6. 2093894305_turk10-3-19356sololooking.thumb.JPG.8eae3b22cfbe0db0e3b628c5525b04d8.JPG

    I’m curious - and this is not a critique but rather my own curiosity on scent management - but you post a lot of trail cam pics which leads me to believe you are going in the woods to get the SD cards. I am not aware of any Browning cameras that are linked to a cellular service although they do have a model that has a WiFi hot spot feature. Are you concerned about leaving a scent trail and ruining the woods by doing this? I practice low impact hunting myself and I remember you posting about other folks possibly ruining their hunts later in the season by over hunting their spots too early. Thanks

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  7. Hey pal - I do not want to destroy this thread as Rob has made it the best on LOU so I'll just move on. I'm glad that you will now have a full belly.


    Congrats to all that have scored whether bucks or doe. Keep in mind, with a tough early winter and snow pack, the fawns will still go back to mom to nurse.


    Good luck in the field,



  8. 2 hours ago, GAMBLER said:

    Had to mercy kill a button buck that someone shot this morning. It took him an hour to go 60 yds. I watch him fall three times. He finally hobbled into the clearing and I put him down. He was shot from the front and the slug was in the front right shoulder.

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    kudos to you for doing the right thing and to end his suffering

  9. Starting to question my sanity after today! More doe then I've ever seen in my life. Only 2 1st racks and had deer around me all day, non stop. Didnt go 5 mins without seeing deer. Colder then I've ever been! Brutal out there for November, felt like February! I've yet to lay eyes on this deer that I'm chasing and hope it comes soon because I'm starting to feel drained! Tomorrow is another day. Happy Thanksgiving and good luck to everyone who gets out tomorrow.

    Damn dude.....you are legendary for sitting all day in this!!!!! Good luck

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  10. I own 140 acres in the Northern Zone and I do hunt low impact, I have a sanctuary, cover, and food. Once the rut starts they start getting picked off. Throw in a higher winter kill, 7 weeks of gun season, low number of doe permits, and a kill every spike attitude and it can be quite a challenge.

    I don’t shoot young bucks on my land and I see results even with those challenges. However when I hunt the finger lakes I see more bucks in 1 day than I see all season on my land...

    I actually like the challenge. If it was easy I wouldn’t hunt.

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    There’s no comparison with northern and southern zone properties with all the Ag we have here. I’m in 9h.

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  11. Only been 5 yrs sonce the 200 acres I hunt has been letting under 3yr old deer pass. Every year there's a noticeable difference. Still have neighbors shooting "big 4 points" which sucks but is what it is. We choose and find no satisfaction in killing young deer, but dont harvest bash either. I agree with others that more regulation only hurt the future of the sport. Old and young hunters, as well as the guys who have only a few days a year to put meat on the table deserve their chance as well. If there were piles of mature buck running around year after year, how much fun would that be? I think the idea of that once in a lifetime buck is what keeps me putting my boots on anyway. Just my 2 cents.

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    Great post

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