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  1. Just returned from a 7 hour fish in MB. Sure started out slow what with the full Moon. One by 10:30 am, moved and picked up the rest from 11-2 pm, The two largest were 8-10 lbs. MS Emerald Shiner, Double Orange Crush, Blue Dolphin took the largest fish. The Fish Doctor always told me to stay out of traffic which I did, and I stayed shallow, 8-12 feet. Going again tomorrow, but won't be in a big hurry to wet my lines early. Go lite and longer on the fluorocarbon leaders. Bandit 49
  2. Hit the water by 7:30 am, fished with Rick Schneider and Don Aldrich. Headed west with nothing for our efforts so we headed back east from and fished Little Salmon to Grindstone Creek. Seven hours of trolling and we went 5-9 with one near 6lbs and the rest were cookie cutters. Water temps running 40-46 degrees. We could have started at 10 am. No heavy runoff from the creeks so to speak, but thats where the action was. Water clear under bright skies. Fished inside out, took most of ours in 8-15'. Blue and silver color seemed to have the most action with MS Emerald shiner next. Might try the MS Scorpions for the smaller Browns. Spoons definitely had it all over the stick baits. Browns were full of 1" bait if that tells you anything. I wonder about outside Oswego Harbor? Anybody fish there in last several days? Bandit 49
  3. Michigan stinger's emerald shiner produces very well. However I believe bigger fish are taken in deeper water where I would use a NK 28 pattern. Seems to produce bigger fish in deeper water. Good luck Bandit 49 PS You have got a lot of time to catch one bigger than your dad. Let him enjoy his time in the sun. :!:
  4. Hello Tonya. No secret, just find the tributaries that are running strong from spring melt or rain runoff that stains far out in the Lake. Patience is important in waiting for the bite and or for Browns to swim by. Change your lure types, color, and size. Most of the larger Browns were taken on larger stick bait under bright skies. However spoons such as Cleos in blue silver worked very well. Changing size of your lure can trigger strikes. Most all the Browns taken over 2 days from fishing ashore had 3 inch bait in their stomachs. Be prepared to fish at daybreak, noon time, and just before sundown. Pick your warmer days as this can raise the water temps enough to turn on the fish. Oh yes, take a stream thermometer with you to check the h2o temps too. Don't hesitate to try different tributaries running into Lake Ontario, all in one day. Good Luck Bandit 49
  5. Today I went shore line fishing on the Lake in Mexico Bay as my boat won't be ready until this weekend. I found some stained water, added some Smithwicks and Storm Madflash, and after countless casts I ended up going 6-7 on Browns. The two largest went 6-7 lbs and were delicious for dinner tonight. You will notice the Lamprey marks on the large fish. I've heard the Browns have been hit hard this year. Anyway you don't have to have a boat to enjoy the brown trout fishing in April on Lake Ontario! Boy my right shoulder is sore tonight. Bandit 49 : lol:
  6. Your 14' boat is fine if the wind is out of the south, southeast, east. The fish are moving to shore and a boat will allow you to cover more water. However I just returned from a trip to Mexico Bay where I fished from shore and went 6 for 7 on Brown's the largest going 6-7 lbs. Look for stained water where a creek enters the lake. I used Smithwicks and Storm Madflash in many colors. The fish are on the move so be patient, watch the surface for Browns. Use a 4-6 ft leader of flourocarbon. Good Luck Bandit 49 [/b]
  7. Rick Schneider called me on Monday to tell me he went out Sunday for a few hours and found some 40 degree water with some browns, the largest going 6 lbs. Caught them on Rapala, Smithwicks, Storm Madflash.
  8. to woody 184: Wondering what you're calling a honey bee. What company manufactures them? Tight lines Bandit 49
  9. Hi Russ: Bear Creek is just west of Pultneyville off of lake rd ( south shore on lake Ontario). Pultneyville is just west of Sodus Bay. Saiff? charters runs several boats out of pultneyville and fishes heading west. Bill states this is the best Brown Trout fishery in the month of April. I hope to make it out there next month.Good Luck, stay safe! Bandit
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