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  1. Launched out of Foran's Marina in Grimsby at 1:30PM. Just bought 2 new Bert's Custom rod holder setups and wanted to try them out. Went 3 for 3, 3 kings 10 -12 lbs off the Dipseys in about 100 FOW with 170 feet of line out on setting 3. All 3 hit the same hawg wild spoon. Going to try early tomorrow morning to beat the heat... got a bit burnt... but nothing a quick jump in the water couldn't fix. Lefty
  2. Yankee, What type of rod holders are they and do they both swivel and rotate within the track? Lefty
  3. Hi All, My name is Nick and as a new comer to this site I want to express my excitement to be a part of such a great forum; there is tonnes of great information on here that I have been soaking up on almost a daily basis. I have just recently purchased a 1991 19 ½ Sea Nymph Fish & Ski and I am chomping at the bit to get out on the water. I am out of Grimsby, Ontario and have done most of my Lake Ontario fishing the last several years from shore. I’ve spent most of my fishing career on northern lakes seeking out pickerel and pike, but the new boat situation has opened up a whole new world of fishing in my own backyard that I can’t wait to try my hand at. With all the available information I have scribbled notes everywhere in my office and look forward to putting it into practice; I’ll try and keep the newb questions to a minimum and will hopefully see some of you out on the pond. Lefty
  4. Thanks Ray, I can now budget into my "allowable" annual tackle fund for wire wear and tare.
  5. Hi Everyone, I have a couple questions about Luhr Jensen lake trolls, I haven’t heard many guys on here talk about using them and was wondering if they are worth while trying out and when the best time and place to troll a large spoon behind them is? They seem like they would mimic a school of bait fish well with your spoon being in the perfect place for the strike. I have a 36â€
  6. Being in the same situation as Jekyll and having him beat me to the question I want to tack on more surrounding wire line. It may be a bit of a newb question but what is the average life expectancy of wire line with a twili tip on your rod? Thanks, Lefty
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions guys, it helped to put things in perspective. Below is a pic of my bow and under the seat cushions in the middle is where the flush mounted seat base is. I now have a couple ideas to bounce around to strengthen the mast. Thanks again, Lefty
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm looking to add a Big Jon dual planer mast to my Sea Nymph. I am going to get an adaptor for the bow seat mount, and I am wondering if anyone has ever had any issues with stress on the seat mount from the planer mast causing damage to the mount or the floor. Should I worry about bracers. Thanks, Lefty
  9. Was out by the Becon yesterday fishing, kind of a poor day to be out, real rough and wet. Didn't catch a thing but a soaker. Thinking of heading out tomorrow to troll the warmer river plume, suppose to be a much nicer day. I'll keep you posted. Lefty
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