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  1. ok thanks. im gonna go tommorrow see what happens
  2. i just fish in port dalhousie. off the peir
  3. what you guys using. I currently have 10lbs floro clear and am using a 10.6 foot rod. What should i be using? I have got a new reel for havier line but need line
  4. i fiquered theres no rod for everything. so i went with a 10.6 foot Ste.Croix rod and a shimano stradic 4000FI reel. Im going fishing tommorrow morning i wanna see how it works
  5. thanks i appreciate the replys. i will let you know what i go with
  6. I wanted to get a new rod and reel. I have been fishing my whole life never really seriously tho. Now i have been fishing a lot everyday. When i fish i go out for everyhting. Im not really into one species. I go out with friends and we try everything. I decided on a rod a Ste.Croix then when i was time for a reel. i got confused. I went to two places and they didnt really know what to recommend. A spinning or a bait casting. I read threviews on both baitcasting can be hard to learn they say. Then some say there better when using lighter lures. I am spending a few hundred so i wanna just buy one. any recommendations on which i should get. And how many foot rod should i get for shore fishing
  7. I have never owned a boat before but i wanna get one i gotta start somewhere. Where other than Kiji and so forth can i go to buy a boat used. Is there any stores marinas that sell half desent boats. and any things i should look out for. BTw i am in Niagara region in Canada dont really wanna go to the USA or too far from here. Thanks a lot guys in advance
  8. i went yesterday and tuesday to port. 2 1/2 hours both nights one hit only
  9. i've gone behind The Beacon resturant befroe, its pretty good
  10. i have gone a few times, havent even gotten a bit! About a month ago a i saw a guy catch a 5- 8 lb steelhead.
  11. http://www.niagarafishing.net/forums/lo ... 12580.html should be fun i will be there
  12. is there a way of updating your profile. I click on it and it does not let you type in your info
  13. hi all. New to this site. Have been fishing for years. I usaually fish at port dalhousie right by the light house.
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