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  1. Why no need to post on open lake? I was hoping for schematics for this boats steering and thought it would reach more people. I didn't want to take apart the steering column without having any idea of what was in there. Springs, gears, gaskets, or other. It seemed very unlikely to be the cable since it is so thick.
  2. ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Does anyone have any diagrams of the steering components for this type of craft? I lost all steering on the lake Wednesday night and it was quite a chore getting to shore. Not many boats out there in the evening lately near Oswego Harbor. Pictures/descriptions/typical trouble points/schematics, etc. would be very helpful. Details: The steering wheel turns freely full left and full right and there seems to be only one very thick cable that has one large adjustable linkage nut at the prop end and 4 bolts under the sterring wheel. Curious, what is under those 4 bolts in the steering wheel case. Any ideas appreciated, thanks ==================== Edit: Moved to This Old Boat L&M
  3. We tried running the same areas last night and had the same results, with a little twist! Water was a little rough for my 19 footer , but we kept at it for a couple of hours after work again. On the way in my mates wanted to try the harbour at the mouth of the river and we had some trouble. One mate accidently lowered the ball around the 20+ red marker in the river and yes it got wrapped around a tree at about 8 to 10 ft of water, what an anchor those 10lb balls on cannon mag 10's make, anyway we spun around a bit trying to get back to the point of anchor and I lost all steering capability. Not sure yet, but i suppose the steering cable broke as the wheel can turn full left and right without much effort. This years boating is over. If anyone is around the oswego river today (Thursday) after 5pm I would be grateful for a tow. When I get out of work I will try that first and if no one is around I will bring a small outboard to get in back to wrights landing. Memories... Good luck. pic is of better days on the lake.
  4. Tried fishing in harbor, around walls, and outside of harbor between 30 and 50 ft. We only had two hours, seems like it got dark fast. Tried all depths in the mid to 5 ft from bottom throughout using spoons and one flat line. No releases and marked only a few fish between the walls and to the east of the outer wall. We will try again tomorrow, but not in 500 fow. Good luck.
  5. We are trying to get out after work Tues, Wed, Thurs and Sat. Will let you know if anything works.
  6. 26 for 35?????? this seems incredible! Did anyone have this kind of luck last year? The dredging in the harbor seemed to scare fish away for miles. We can't get out until the 1st week of May and I would love details regarding the 26 catches. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Happy Fishing!
  7. I wish...it's the only decent one we hit last year. It was the beginning of September and both of my fishing mates were right next to the rigger that went off.. Not sure how, but I got to it first from the captains seat. The best part is they work for me and I get to razz them daily when the mood strikes. Happy fishing.
  8. thank you, we run out of Oswego and when you said the plant I thought you were speaking of the nuke plant near Oswego. Where is Hughs Marina?
  9. We will be trying to get out on the lake in the next two weeks, any more detail would be nice. Depth? Planers or riggers? How far back etc. Pics are cool too. Thanks for any input.
  10. What is the link for the suny oswego web cam? is it live like the one on the slamon river the last few years?
  11. Thank you Captain. Is it any better fishing out of Fair haven than out of Oswego. Last year they were dredging in the Oswego harbor and it hurt the fishing along the break walls. I am not sure everyone thought this, but for me it hurt our catches.
  12. Thanks for the input, I will check it all out. Happy Fishing to all.
  13. Nice fish. What radio channels are most commonly used? I run out of Oswego and won't be able to hit the water for a few weeks.
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