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Ira Jones Marine Surveyor

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  1. Sorry I see this issue has already been mentioned...
  2. I noticed this article today on windfarms planed for the South Shores of Lake Ontario and wasn't sure if this was true or not. I figured that the Charter Captains would certainly know? http://bewarenywind.blogspot.com/
  3. What ever you do hire a SAMS Marine Surveyor prior to purchasing any boat of that vintage. SAMS has a web sitte that will list all the surveyors in your area. Also, try to fing one that was not chartered. Ira Jones AMS http://www.Digitalmarinesurveys.com
  4. I'd say that it's a perfect boat for your application. Tough, rugged, light boat. From what I've heard the company stands behind the product 100% I strongly recomend a 4 stroke engine. Some where on line they have some great videos of the boats.
  5. Just was told about this wonderfull site by a client. While I am a Marine Surveyor I spend lots of time on the water fishing. I don't want to give a big commercial plug on this intrduction, yet if anyone has questions about Marine Surveys feel free to visit my web sites or just give me a call. I'm always glad to answer any questions. I'll be working out of state, back in the area next Wednesday if anyone has questions concerning Surevys. Ira Jones SAMS - SA cell 585-734-8326 www.digitalmarinesurveys.com www.IR-Info.com
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