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  1. We fished shallow during the late morning with only 1 brown to show for it. Been fishing the area for over 10 years and the last 2 have been very slow. Granted there was little flow from the creeks and stained water was hard to find but it was a real struggle. Wonder how much of an effect that the easy meals provided by gobys is having.
  2. stripersonline.com and thebassbarn.com are 2 informative sites for you
  3. Thanks for the recommendations - I'll start making a few calls. Is anyone familiar with the Port Lodge Motel in Pulaski? They advertise in Lake Ontario Outdoors magazine. Thinking about the week of Aug 22. Is this too early for the Kings to begin staging at the mouth of the rivers. I'm not set up to troll for them but will cast spoons and plugs in the shallower waters of the lake. Thanks again.
  4. Looking forward to targeting staging Kings this year and am planning a trip near the end of August to fish the lake from my boat at the mouth of either the Oswego or Salmon. Appreciate lodging and launch site recommendations near either river. Motel or lodge with docking would be perfect. Thanks.
  5. Fished most of the day till winds and rain drove us off water early eve. Largest brown at 9lbs and a couple of nice early season smallies to 4lbs. Been hearing about some Atlantics being caught of late but no sign of them today.
  6. Thanks for the replies. Looks like the time to try for them in the river mouths before the crowds build will be during the next couple of weeks. The freshwater bite's been a little slow here in Jersey and it'll be a little while before the albies show and the fall striper run begins. Look forward to heading up to Lake O!
  7. New to the board but have a great time fishing for Browns each Spring out of Bear Creek and Sodus. Appreciate some input as to when the salmon will begin to enter the rivers this fall as I'd like to fish the mouth of the lake by boat rather than wade the Salmon and Oswego. I have a 16.5 foot Alumacraft and want to target fresh fish with by casting plugs and spoons. Thinking about coming up in a week or two during late August but was wondering if this might be too early? Thanks.
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