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  1. Ive been reading this forum for a year now and its provided some invaluable tips that turned a few trips from "nice days on the lake" into successful fishing trips. this is our second year fishing the lake out of henderson harbor and we are headin out for our first trip of year this week! I am thinking of trying the stony point or creek area from 10-30ft with an equal mix of spoons and stickbaits. Any suggestions on which location, water depth etc would be greatly appreciated. tight lines! -steve
  2. well...we tried an evening fish today for lakers. Started at around 1.4 knots and didnt go much faster than 1.7 most of the day...after about 3 hours all we had on the boat were about 100 of those damn biting house flies! Then we tried speeding up to around 2 knots (even though i thought it was too fast) and as i was reeling in the first line to head back to port (henderson harbor) empty handed, a rod popped...after going fish less for over 5 hours, we went 3-5 in the last hour...a nice finish to a SLOW day. Thanks again for the advice
  3. thanks skipper, i appreciate the advice...hopefully we'll make a killing!
  4. hey guys, this is my first year fishing for trout and salmon on ontario and your posts have been a helping hand in figuring it all out...I am going for lakers tomorow but only have two downriggers, Im going to run cowbells with spin in' glows off the ball near the bottom but any suggestions for dipsy, copper, or stacker lines to run would be very helpful. Also what speed would be a good starting point, weve at 2.2-2.5 knots for browns but i feel thats to fast for lakers. Thanks for the help. -Steve
  5. I have been on a couple of charters that were all successful, thats what really hooked me on this kind of fishing. I am competent with the equipment and familiar with the tackle, but I really have no clue where to fish around the Henderson area...we went out this past saturday and fished the Black River Bay area for a day, no trout...although we did catch a 5 lb 1oz smallmouth, which we of course, we released because its out of season. So the bass just seem to find me, but i can't find a trout to save my life. Steve
  6. Hi everyone, I've been fishing Lake Ontario for a few years now, but mostly for bass...We now have an adequate boat for trout and salmon fishing in Henderson Harbor. we also have a few downriggers... However, I'm very new to this type of fishing and any advice on where to fish near Henderson Harbor (cant travel too far with these gas pricesjavascript:emoticon(':cry:') Crying or Very sad...) or tactics to use for trout and salmon for this time of year would be very helpful... Steve DuFlo
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