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  1. Hey bud. I go out from bluffers. There's more kayak fishers now. It was quiet out there Tuesday. I think they're heading very early to the rivers. Pretty strange year. Did you catch anything?
  2. I’m trying to target rainbow while trolling for salmon. What sized spoon should I try for them on my cheater line. Cheers all
  3. Yup, some years God puts horseshoes up our butts. Flasher and flies seems work well this year. I’d like to target more rainbows. Getting kind of busy though with the GOSD.
  4. Went 2 for 2 this am out of bluffers. Weather wasn’t the best but managed a few kings. Also, thousands of cormorants. Holy smoke.
  5. Good day for kayaking. Went out of bluffers to 150', dipsey and downrigged down 20-30 near bait balls. Nice 25lb hen for the smoker
  6. Hey Chesapeake. I’m planning on taking the fishing kayak( electric) out of Bath his May. ARE those shoals you fished out past Amherst island? Just trying to get a starting point. Thanks bud. Bryan
  7. Has anyone trolled the mouth for browns yet? Was thinking of bringing the yak down for a morning.
  8. Launch kayak from mouth of the niagara I want to kayak early December lakers at the bar but don’t know where I can park and throw the yak in. Does anyone know anywhere. Thanks all
  9. I have a zodiac with a 7.5 merc. I'm travelling thru and was hoping to put in for a few hours next week. Are the salmon and trout far off or can I get them closer to shore? Thanks gang, cheers
  10. Kids are gone, and I reaquired my toy. Got a deep 14 with a 25 merc, electric downrigger and dipsys. I'm headin' out next weekend. I'm from the north end, and was thinking of heading eastto bluffers or whitby. Whats a good starting depth? Never fished Lake "O". Can't head out too far understandably, so basic info is just needed. Cheers all.
  11. I'm going out this spring to try for some spring kings out of St. Catherines. I've never fished kings, mainly steelhead out from port credit. Any info on depths and/or techniques?
  12. I'm definitely interested in the rod/reel. If still available, please let me know. Thanks again, Bryan
  13. I'm heading down this weekend to Bowmanvile Creek and have never used the free launch there. Any updates on the condition for launching a 14' boat? Thanks all. I also heard they're looking for volunteers to net and transport salmon over the dam. Contact Dave lawson if interested dave lawson 905-985-1407 Cheers
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