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  1. Well.........Everyone has Great Comments and insight on the business, I myself not a captain, but I am a businessman. A few years ago myself and a few friends wanted to get out and see what Lake Ontario was all about. I must admit, it wasn't very exciting. It seemed the captain had a few tooooo many the night before , after about 3 hours I just wanted to go back to the dock, it was something I never wanted to do again. When we returned, there was a older gentleman that approached me, wanted to know how the day went, he got a ear full. The man was a blast, my friends and I had more fun with him, then we did fishing. At the end of the day, he gave us his son's phone number, and told us to give him a chance out on the lake, he guaranteed it would be well worth it. As everyone knows, going out on charter is not cheep, but i wanted to give it another try. Let me tell you, it was a trip that i would never forget. The captain was GREAT and his first mate, yep the older gentleman that we talked with a few weeks ago. We didn't catch a boat load of fish, a few here and there, it was fishing with 2 men that wanted to make sure we had fun. Like all businesses, there's more than one. The industry is what you make of it, when you get clients you need to make sure they come back. Look around, in every harbor charters are a dime a dozen. What makes a good businessman, is the MAN, you have treat your clients like your family, going the extra inch will get them to return. I now own a boat, love to fish and shoot the sh*t with everyone. The sport is great and the charter captains are the one's that can keep the sport fun and exciting. Like myself, people are going to test the waters and see what the excitement is about before going to spent the money. Hope everyone has a GREAT year and GOD BLESS.....
  2. :shock: New to the area, any suggestions on boat storage, wilson or olcott area?
  3. Does anyone know where I can find some trolling bags? Thanks
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