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  1. thanks everyone. That mcmaster catalog has exactly what i was looking for. awesome thanks
  2. Lost the net grips to two ranger nets. I have tried to get replacements from the company to no avail at this point. What can i do for new grips on these nets. My net holders allow the net handle end to to rest on the floor of my boat which is glass and i dont want the nets cutting into the gel coat.
  3. thanks for the info guys still not sure how i am going to do it. I do like the traxtech caps idea. I also like the reel seat lock idea. any more ideas are welcome i am considering every idea i read.
  4. big dave that is a great idea. thats the ideas i am looking for. Reason really isn't a broken rod, I ded hear two different boats that had a rod break and in doing so also lost the reels. My main thing is, My question is a teather to keep them in the holder should a rod go. or for example. last year I put on the new hd diver holder by Big Jon. these angle quite a bit towards the water. We hit a wave just right and the one diver rod went slack. you guessed it if i hadn't been there my brand new tekota would have slipped out of the holder and down to the bottom. The rod slid out of the holder about half way. Other problem with the Big Jons is that there is only six adjustments so when i go to the next click up it is to high from the water. so my real fear is more of having a rod slip in the holder and something to keep it in the holder then anything else. I know i have read post on the old board of some guys tethering their diver rods and i can't seem to find them with the search features on here. Big dave where did you get those from i really like that idea.
  5. How many guys tether their diver rods so if they do break you dont loose the reel. i put four tekotas on my boat for my wire last year and would hate to loose one if a rod does break. Also if you do tether them how are you setting it up so i can duplicate it if i decide to tether my rods.
  6. i think i am going to wait on the 788c it is color and offers a few more bells and whistles. still looking for info on different units also thanks everyone
  7. I have a eagle 480 df which when i got it it was a great unit for great lakes fishing. well after 5 years of nothing but problems and 4 transducers it failed me again at the end of the season. the GPS works great but the fishfinder has never shown a fish past 40 ft but showed the bottom. Now even after all the problems i was told earlier this week tough luck send it in and pay this time. even though it has been recurring and they were taking care of me after the warranty. I have been reading on the new hds units that lowrance has and i have only read where one person actually has had zero problems. The people that have them and have the problems say cust service is now horrible to deal with. so i am starting to look at a new combo fish finder gps unit. the 5 inch screen units are the size typically that will fit on my dash. i dont want to spend any more than 650 on a new unit. what would you guys suggest. no lowrance or eagle units. what about the hummingbird 788 unit? i was told it was a nice unit by both cabelas and bass pro.
  8. yeah unfortunatly volvo props are solid. i wish they were like omc or merc. oh well i'll have to put in a call to the insurance company and see what they will do.
  9. it wouldnt be the prop on the volvo it is a solid aluminum prop. after looking things over in daylight it looks like i hit something. there is paint off the prop a dent in it and my plastic hydrafoil thing is all busted up. And i know it wasn't like that when i left last night. it really didnt fell like i hit anything though
  10. use mahagony it is almost the exact same as teak and very strong. Get two one inch thick pieces and cement them together clamp and screw them. make sure the grains are reversed as this will add to your strength. the other thing about mahogony is it will not warp like other hard woods and pressure treated wood. then about 8 to 10 coats of a good spar varnish making sure to sand it back each time.
  11. So tonight was the last trip of the season for us. The boat ran fine going out trolling all evening until i started back in to port. I have a bayliner with a 350 chevy engine and a volvo penta aq series outdrive. After running in almost to the pierheads at 300 rpm the engine reved up and the boat just about stopped in the water. I tried to throttle up a little and all it did was rev and only move at 2.7 mile an hour. We made it all the way to the docks and when i put it in reverse it poped right in and had great power in reverse. when i put it back in forward it just kind of started moving very slowly ahead. if i tried to do throttle past just putting it in gear all it would do is rev and not move any faster. Any ideas what is going on with my boat???
  12. I had a promariner 20 2 bank on my boat. It was one just over two years and quit working. I called promariner and was basically told tough luck buy another. well i started doing research adn found tons of complaint for the same problem work for a year or two and dies. So i am not going to buy another promariner. I have read a few good reviews on other companies out there and am tring to decide on a new system. What do some of you guys have for an onboard and how long have you had it. Also like and dislikes. I am thinking of another 20 amp size charger.
  13. if you twist the line on the barrel swivel do you use any heat shrink over it. i was told if you didn't it wouldn't hold. I used the albright knot before it works fine as far as strenght, just with the okuma reels i have a hard time getting the knot through the line guide so i am playing with using the spro swivels.
  14. Thanks that is the same info on their sales page. Was just wondering if as the ad says that lake ont fisherman are using them, and if anyone on this board has tried them.
  15. The website claims these are known by the fisherman of lake ontario charterboats: http://shop.gltsupplies.com/merchant2/m ... Code=PB-X2 anyone ever heard of them? used them? and if so how did they work for you? My friend read a report and can't find it now when he was surfing one night and they claimed they ran a couple cores off them with no problem. Is this true? Thanks for any info on them.
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