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  1. Couple of muskies from the other day. The second one the one my cousin got was his first
  2. I got out the other day for some walleye on the Susquehanna
  3. Thank you. I always release anything over 20 inches. And actually dont keep many of the eaters under 20. I hate cleaning fish. lol
  4. Justin the week before last with the high murky water was great with some good sized fish. Since fall i've caught more than 20 fish over 27 inches and many of those over 29., Nothin over 30 though .. The last 6 or 7 days or so including yesterday has been a grind. No numbers of fish and a lot of hours spent looking.. Bruce and I are planning on it
  5. Justin I'm sure I've got that picture stuffed away somewhere. Man that was a long time ago. I still feel bad for keeping that fish..
  6. Its been a weird year for sure... Ive been going every single day and catching quite a few but its been either going a at like 5am and hitting them till it starts getting light or heading down right at dark and hitting them from about 6:30 till 8... I've always just used bucktails and though they have been working some the bulk of the fish I've been getting have been on #6 rippin raps. But during the daylight hours its been way to hit or total miss.
  7. Well what happens if im a boat owner and decide to get a new boat??? Or how bout if i let a friend borrow my current boat... would they have to have.taken tge course if I'm not on the boat?
  8. we put the towel on as suggested and it has worked flawlessly since...And i also have the cannon unitrolls
  9. i have no idea as to how heavy the coated cable is...its whatever came with the unit...the weight im using on is kind of a fish shaped torpedo, and is 13 pounds....On the other rigger without the snt probe just a 12 pound cannon ball which is what i had on the snt rigger prior to this weekend
  10. I just got back from 5 days up on the lake... and as someone suggested wrapping a damp towel around my boom seemed to do the trick and the unit worked perfect after i did that... but my next problem was with the coated cable and the enormous amount of blowback...I was running a 13lb torpedo weight on it... had to go down 160-170 to reach a 110 trolling depth.. but that wasnt the problem... the problem was on countless occasions the line from that rod would get caught up with the other rigger and i mean some nasty messes... i never had this happen before... is there a trick in preventing this....i tryed turning so slowly that it seemed to take forever to get around and still got a mess..Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do to correct this... Im still a novice and tryed everything i could to fix this.... I will say however in between cutting lines and untangling things, we did do pretty well on kings, (for us anyways) out of mexico...
  11. once again thanks... the suggestion worked perfectly
  12. going to try that first thing in the morning .. Thanks
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