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  1. i have limited out on walleyes 5 times this year on oneida. i will be fishing early sunday morning. launching the boat in constantia. fishing the weedbeds early, and the deep water later on. anyone that wants to join, call the stormfront on 16.
  2. hello. my name is dave and i have been fishing oneida lake for 15 years. my wife and i recently moved to jordan and i have been fishing the finger lakes, with no luck. i also have tried my luck in oswego for salmon for the first time in my life last fall. my boat is only 16ft, so i have to pick my days. i have all the gear i need. fishfinder, downriggers, down speed, ect, i just don't have any idea what i'm doing. i did manage 4 kings last year from 17lbs to 24lbs. What a different experience from the Oneida lake walleyes I'm used to!
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