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  1. went to oswego for walleyes tuesday night. fished 1230 to 4am and caught nothing. not even a bite. one of you are going to have to show me how to catch walleye up there. it was just starting to get light right before i went home so i decided to put the riggers down for a minute. the thermocline was up a little from the weekend. i set up right in it. 45 degree water down around 65ft. set up in 90 FOW and trolled north. a purple fly fired at 117 FOW and i landed a 28lb king. first one of the year. then went home because i was falling asleep! i'll be back out sunday moring. good luck to every one in the pro am!
  2. family stuff is preventing me from going to oneida wednesday like i planned. so i think i'll try some night trolling in oswego harbor tonight looking for that 10lb walleye. i've only done that once and didn't catch anything. any advice? anyone want to meet there?
  3. sorry to change the subject there, but i think we all get it. if you have a small boat, be considerate of others. if you have a larger boat, be considerate of others AND as a show of good faith, yeild to the smaller boat once in a while.
  4. speaking of auto pilot... for fishing boats these days you can get auto pilot, GPS, mapping, sonar, downriggers that raise and lower 10feet automatically, downriggers that are run through the sonar unit and downriggers that bottom track. am i forgetting anything? someone needs to invent a fishing reel that senses a strike and starts automatically reeling in. then we could program our day in the boats electronics, sit at the bar drinking and send the boat out fishing. we could even hook the VHF into the cooler so the boat could periodically call us with updates on the days take.
  5. i don't like pudding. or any sweets for that matter. anyway, i am willing to buy a used one, just not a new one. i guess i really don't even know what the mapping feature does?
  6. i have a LCX-17M fishfinder. does anyone have a mapping card for this unit they aren't using? the unit is about 2 years old. it has blue plugs, if that matters. the mapping is a feature i have never used, but the unit has it. its a feature that might be worth having, but i don't want to spend $150 on a map card.
  7. i ended up going to oswego and meeting landshark. nice guy. i don't get many days up there because of the size of my boat. so when the wind is right, i have to take it. great job on oneida. i have had the same problem this year. on the lake at 6. limit by 730. i might fish there wednesday if you want to meet up.
  8. the attitude i have noticed at oswego is "if my boat is bigger than your boat, then i have the right of way."
  9. it was good meeting you sunday. i lost one a tad smaller than that right at the back of the boat. good luck next weekend.
  10. there is not supposed to be any wind sunday so i'm going to try my luck with my 17ft lund on ontario. i'll be launching from wrights landing in oswego around 430am. i am very new to ontario so anyone else out there, call the stormfront on 16 if you want to help me out. anyone have any advice? i have downriggers, flashers, flies, and a down speed and temp.
  11. there is a small store in constantia on 49 that sells bait. you probably drive right past it.
  12. i forgot it was a holiday weekend. i was thinking of going midnight until 3 or 4am. maybe i should re think it. i don't like being around other boats at night, especially non fishing boats. thanks for the advice though.
  13. i don't have boards. should i troll in the harbor, in the river, or near the break walls? i appreciate the advice. is this the right time of year?
  14. i think i'm going to try to fish oswego saturday night for walleyes. i've been doing so well on oneida lately, i should probably go there but i can't resist the chance for a 10lb walleye. never fished oswego for walleyes before, any one else going or does anyone have any advice?
  15. i went in to gander mountain in cicero at 5am to buy bait to fish oneida a few days ago. 1- found out they open at 6am. 2- found out that you need your own bucket for crabs or minnows. they do not provide plastic bags to "keep cost down" 3- crabs are $5 a dozen. not exactlly keeping cost down. 4- the cheapest bait bucket you can buy there is $5. it is a crappy, small, styrofomn thing that should cost $0.99. i think overall that is the worst outdoors store i have ever been in (bass pro in auburn is 10000X better) and it has the worst customer service. there is never anyone around to help you, and when you do find someone, they ignore you until you hunt them down, and then they know nothing about their product. is it just me, or do others feel similar? your thoughts please.
  16. the cell phone is turned off. usually on oneida i call on 16 then talk on 68 or 72. my VHF doesn't scan properly so i usually just leave it on 16.
  17. 3 mile bay. its on the north shore towards the west end of the lake. this week the only days i can fish are wednesday friday and sunday. 3-mile will be tough to fish on friday unless you get there real early and are gone by 9 or 10.
  18. did you ever make it to oneida sunday? sounds like you had a good day saturday. after all the walleye i have cought in my life, the biggest one is around 5lbs.
  19. fished sunday from 6am to noon. trolling rapalas in 20FOW or less. between 6am and 8 we caught 7 walleyes. 2 were right above 15inches and the others were all above 20inches. between 8 and noon we caught the last 2 walleyes, 3 or 4 smallmouths, and 2 really nice perch. the perch came on a worm harness. the action was not real fast, but steady. anytime you can leave with the limit is a good day.
  20. maybe everyone should bring paintball guns on board. every time someone cuts you off or gets too close, give them one shot only to the hull. then when we're all back at the launch ramp we'll be able to tell who the real winners are. one or two paint splats on your hull.., hey stuff happens, mistakes are made by everyone. but, if your hull looks like a hawaiian shirt.......
  21. i have fished oneida my whole life and last year tried ontario for the first time. i did manage a few salmon but really dont' know what i'm doing. there is some great advice here. everyone seems to say that you can't lve without a down speed and temp, so i bought one. i got the cannon one. it works well, but i don't know what i'm looking for. how do you know when you hit the thermocline? and should the lures be above it or below it? thompsn7, if you don't have one of these things you will get talked into buying one so you should just get it over with.
  22. i'll be fishing all weekend, 4th,5th and 6th. it might get a little annoying with plesure boaters and jet skiies but they tend to stay to the west end. call me on 16, or pm me for my cell phone if yu want to meet up on the lake.
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