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  1. how long are the salmon good to eat? they look like they are starting to turn brown.
  2. anyone catch walleye in oswego this time of year? if so, how? thanks.
  3. i live 5 minutes from the lake but have never fished it. are there any walleye in there? if so, any advice? thanks.
  4. so, if you run 2 rods off one downrigger and the bottom line has a flasher / fly on it, what should the top line have? apparently you shouldn't run a fly without a flasher and you wouldn't run 2 flashers off the same downrigger would you? so would you run a spoon with no flasher off the top rod?
  5. i'll be out all day sunday. i've had a real good year out there so far and need a few more packages of walleye before i concentrate on salmon. if anyone wants to meet up, call me on 16. i'm going to try trolling the deep water near cleveland with worm harnesses to see if i can get some bigger fish.
  6. i have to work all weekend, which is a first. normally i fish wedsesday and sunday. next week i'll be back on track and maybe the salmon will show up soon. sent you a pm.
  7. went out again wednesday. fished that same spot early and didn't catch anything. caught 2 in the weeds between 6am and 2pm. then caught another 7 between 2 and 4pm on my rockpile. go figure!! it must be an afternoon spot. every walleye i caught spit up perch minnows.
  8. oneida. brewerton is a half hour from oswego. 481 south to 81 north to cicero or brewerton. i'll be out all day wednesday. if you are there, call me on 16.
  9. tom, has busines picked up at all after this post? can i have some free stuff? just kidding. thanks for the advice everyone.
  10. i only fished for a couple hours from 1pm until 3 or 330. i do not recommend that time of day for walleye. however my wife and i managed 5 walleyes trolling worm harnesses. i found a pile of rocks in 25FOW. the pile goes all the way up to 12FT with 22 to 27FOW all around it. the walleyes came around the 17 to 15 FT areas and when we trolled right over the top of it we got a few HUGE perch and a lot of smallmouth. the walleyes were small, 15 to 17 inches. i was planning a trip to oswego wednesday but the report says 3 to 5FT waves. no thanks. so unless that report changes, i'll be back on oneida wednesday if anyone wants to call me on 16.
  11. hey guys, its drunk weekend part 2 in oswego. do any fisherman have experiance with this weekend? i usually launch at wrights landing. what are the chances of me being able to launch and park the truck / trailer saturday afternoon and sunday morning? am i wasting my time? does wrights landing let cars park there for harborfest or do they same it for cars with boats? does anyone have a boat thats already in the water that wants to take my wife and i out for a few hours saturday afternoon / evening to save us the hassel? fair haven to mexico. thanks.
  12. Hank, i appreciate the advice but, are you nuts? by now that woman knows so much about trolling equipment that she could work R&D for cannon. the woman that used to call the downrigger "the black thingey" now says "you used to run 12lb weights, standing here on the porch and looking at the boat thats at least 50 yards away, it looks like those are at least 15lbs. where did you get them? and did they come with the new medium action releases that are hanging just above them? i was reading your lake ontario united thing and someone said they use rubber bands for releases. how much do releases cost because i know how much rubber bands cost? i do really like salmon though and its $8.99 a pound at wegmans. i added the cost of the boat, equipment, gas, and beer and we are only spending $450 a pound for salmon so it really is a good deal." at least she's hot.
  13. Green crinkle it is. i am ordering it now. last year i had 2 cannon manual downriggers and this year i bought one electric off ebay. the little lady goes on the boat with me sometimes and asked "last year you told me you were done buying fishing equipment for this boat" "so i was just wondering... howcome last year you had to crank that black thingey to get it out of the water and this year you just press a button?" busted.
  14. i already have 2 hammer flys. i should have been more clear, i am not going on the lake with one spoon and one fly ONLY. i already have some. i just get to buy one new one. the only thing i have on a tom mik site is the hammer. so OTHER THAN THE HAMMER, which one would you buy if you could only buy one? i think thats a much better way to ask my question. all your comments are pretty funny though. here is another question, my paycheck is direct deposit into our joint accout. the "secret money stash" isn't a bad idea, but where do you get the money to put into the secret stash? bottle returns? anyone want to buy some salmon that was caught on a hammer fly?
  15. My wife has been on a "get out of debt" kick since last year and has not let me spend one wooden nickel on fishing equipment. a few weeks ago she forgot to snap the clamp shut on the free slider so everyone say bye-bye to daddys favorite spoon. so she is "letting" me order one fly / spoon combo from a tom mik. i have never ordered from them before, and i ONLY GET ONE. so how about some advice as to which one for salmon from now until the end of the year? i'll get more in the spring.
  16. i'm sure it had to do with the noise. before you used it, were you running e-chip flashers? i'm not really sure what the e-chip does, but i think it has something to do with noise. i'm new to ontario but a lot of people swear by them.
  17. interesting that you guys keep talking about white. my mercury motor was covered a lot worse than anything else on the boat. maybe it was the heat of the motor more than the color.
  18. the other posts seem like they are talking about they same motor i was. the big block 4 cyl, so to speak. i though it was a great motor, but i seem to be the only one saying so, so maybe i just got lucky. sounds like you should be careful before you buy it. mine was 190hp and my boat did 45mph. however, it was a 17ft Larson open bow. with those huge pistons, it idled and ran around 1000 RPM like a dream, so i;m sure it would troll great. with a few guys on board, you might have trouble even getting on plane though.
  19. ok, i'm a bit new to ontario but there is something i just can't figure out... i went fishing out of oswego yesterday with a friend of mine. we started early and around 10 or 11am these flies started showing up on the boat. they look like a regular house fly, but they bite. they bite hard. real hard. but when we saw the first fly, we must have been at least 3 to 4 miles offshore. how the %$#@ do they get out there? maybe lake O has a strange sense of humor? as in, weather wise you can have a perfect day on the lake but you're going to pay for it with no fish and getting eaten alive. seriously though, the water fleas were HORRIBLE. had to pull the lines in every 20 minutes or the line would be covered. i use 20lb test. would switching to 30 help?
  20. Nice job. still waiting for my first double. i've had the "one king per day" curse this whole year.
  21. i had that motor in a 1987. 4 cyl right? if so, its a 454 big block basically cut in half. great motor, will run forever. it has those huge 454 size cylenders in a 4 cyl motor. great for trolling, but in a 23ft boat i don't thik you'll win any races. if its more than 4 cyl than its not the motor i'm talking about.
  22. i have a lowrance X-17 fish finder that i recently hooked the GPS antenna up to. the unit reads the antenna, but it just keeps flashing looking for the satelites. i let it run for about a half hour and it just kept flashing and looking without ever locking on. any ideas?
  23. fished oswego sunday and caught one 25.5 lb king. he took a hammer fly off a white/chrome flasher about 85ft down over 180 FOW. after that we got very wet. no roof and no canvas. also had 2 first timers on the boat. oops. i am very new to ontario so i basically go right in front of oswego harbor and troll from 100FOW straight out to 300 FOW and then turn around and troll in. i have downriggers but no lead core lines and no planner boards. i have never caught anything other than kings. not even one laker or brown. wednesday i'm going fishing with another first timer. anyone have any advice? i seem to catch one king and one king only every time i go out. i would be happy with that but would love to catch a few and maybe a few browns also. the first timer going with me has never caught anything bigger than a 5lb bass in his life. sarting early isn't a problem. we usually get the the marina around 4am. should we try shallow water early for browns? if so, whats the best tactic? or should we just go for kings the whole day?
  24. so how is everyone doing after the first day? i'll be out tomorrow morning. i'll make sure i run over some cable of non LOU members. maybe i'll rent a sailboat for the day. just kidding.
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