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  1. i´ve only heard good bout Vectors beside the price here in Sweden Runs Cannon on my boat
  2. Nobody knows a place? Any store that carries them is appreciated
  3. Do anyone of you guy´s know where i could buy Little Joe´s online & if the store got a colorchart Thanks in advance Roger
  4. Hi guys i want to get some Little Joe plugs preferably the ones in clear plastic with inserts any color is interesting worn or new Payment by paypal since i live in Sweden Europe or i can arrange a moneyorder to be sent by a friend of mine in Wi Shipping preferred to Sweden but accepted to my friend in Wi
  5. Hi guys my name is Roger and i live in Sweden .Fish for anything that bites my hooks .I troll mainly for zanders (our walleye) browns & landlocked salmons .Equipping my boat (21ft aluminum ) so i can go out in the Baltic Sea for Salmons next year .I also make my own cranks etc & have been doing this for some years
  6. Try a visit to www.tackleunderground.com or www.muskiefirst.com Look around in the forum part basement baits and custom lure painting
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