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  1. Picked up 6 kings fished 8am to12pm. 100 to 160 ft 1mile west of wilson pier. Best set up was wire dypsey with spinny and fly out 200 ft
  2. Got 5 kings in front Wilson 180 to 230 ft. All came on a wire diver out 240 set at #2 with a 8 in white spinny and atomik stud fly , biggest was 18lb, , fished from 7-11:30
  3. Got 4 walleye at 100 ft straight out of Dunkirk all came off riggers except the biggest 7# came when letting the line out for the rigger , silver and watermelon harnessed,thanks Larry and Rd9 for the starting point
  4. check out Lake Bluff campground near Sodus Bay , its not waterfront but close
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