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  1. Poplar Craft.... Thanks for the heads up...I'll check it out..
  2. Looking to lease 200 acres of prime whitetail land in Pike County Illinois for this years firearm season. Price of the lease is $3500.00.. Great chance for couple guys to get together and do an affordable gun hunt in Illinois. Any left over firearm permit's go on sale Aug 12th during the daily random draw. PM me for more info . Thanks Rich
  3. NRA pulling out is HUGE... Reed could be done after the dust settle's.. They also do the SHOT show and have thumbed their nose at sportsman... MANY are not happy... Nice to see everyone comming together on this boycott..
  4. That first buck scored 174 green... Second buck down is my archery buck.. Base's were 5 1/2 inches.. Anyone interested.... We do have some opening's for this year... Pm me and I'll give you my number.. Thank's Rich
  5. Here's a few pic's of buck's from Illinois this year.. We got one other nice 10 point that i don't have a pic of...
  6. I run a small outfitting business in Illinois, we usually have 10 to 12 guy's per year... Some opening's have popped up this year due to 3 guy's buying their own farm and another just married.. As you can see prices are very reasonable.. Here's our web site, although I haven't added picture's last two year's... I can email you some if you desire... PM me and I'll forward you my cell number to answer any other question's... There will be both firearm and archery permit's left over after the draw, so that's not a problem.. http://www.lighthousedeerhunts.com This buck was shot on our neighbors property approx 100 yd's from one of our stand's... This 66 acre piece currently is available for a gun hunt.. Thank's Rich..
  7. I removed these from my boat to make more room and no longer have any need for them... They are in great shape, however no cushion's come with them... They are 16 inches high and swivel. Here is a link to West Marine that show's what appear's to be the same seat's... Price for both seat's is $250.00.. http://www.westmarine.com/webapp/wcs/st ... sNum=50824
  8. Tank and T-barb..... Actually we are a small outfitter so hunt's would be available for next year... Although they would be priced with are already very low price's.... This piece was leased late and I did not get out there to check it out till after the gun app's were in.. I did get out in late Sept. and it looked great... However everyone had already applied for Brown County permit's.... So instead of letting it sit idle I decided to give someone a chance to hunt Illinois at an unheard of price... If you guy's are interested in knowing more please PM me, as I don't want to flood the site with advertising as this is not my intention.... Just looking to give some fellow LOU member's a break...
  9. Anyone interested in a Pike County Illinois gun hunt... Ive got a great 66 acre piece that is 2/3 wooded and surrounded by other wood's... Piece will hunt 2 guy's... $1250.00 per person for first gun season... Include's lodging ... PM me if interested.... Pike County permit's are still available over the counter....
  10. Here ya go I stay here every year.. Can't beat it.. http://www.luckydutchman.net/accommodationsfo.html
  11. I'll be staying at Feeder Creek Lodge and launching in Mexico.... Last year was my first year on the site and DieselHp and myself shared info... Guess I'll be on 68.... So if anyone want;'s to chat or see what's happening just give a hollar... Boat's name is.. Hookum.... Rich
  12. Gotta Bite..... I am 35Whelan...............LOL Talk to you Sat... Landshark I hear you.... Guess one spot is as good as the other....
  13. Ok guy's comming up to The Big Lake this week-end.... Towing the boat up so I have option's where to launch out of..... Good option to have if the fish are centrally located....But by the sound's of thing's it's hit or miss this year.... So my question is..... Launch out of Mexico or Oswego ???? Thank's in advance..... Rich
  14. Tree Top Flyer no license needed to fish in the ocean.... Plenty of boats along the Jersey Shore to jump on for a day of fishing... I would imagine most party boat's down there would be targeting Sea Bass.... Good Luck and have fun...
  15. Wishing everyone on the site.... A MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HEALTHY and HAPPY NEW YEAR..... Rich
  16. Yeh.... Rick "dieselhp" told me the brown might have been a $$$$ fish.... Next year will have to get in the contest.... How's the saying go???? Even a blind squirrel find's a nut every now and again.... Believe me we were LUCKY to have gotten those 2 quality fish.... As I'm sure we were doing more wrong than right.... LOL The King hit a green and white combo flasher & fly in about 80 ft of water and the brown hit a purple and white fly with a silver white flasher in 80 ft of water.... I recently joined the site and would like to say THANK's to EVERYONE for any help given when I asked a question... A special thank's to Rick (DieselHP) for all his help and for keeping in touch up on the lake via the VHF or Cell.... Rich
  17. This past week-end was my first trip out on Lake Ontario using my boat.... Let's say it was a starting point and thing's will get better.... We only caught 2 fish Sunday and Monday but both were decent sized fish... Sat. we got a 31 1/2 lb King and Sunday we got a 12 lb Brown.... Be back up in 10 day's and try and put up some better number's..... Rich
  18. Guy's ..... THANK'S for the replie's..... Directly to the spool it will go.... Rich
  19. Penn... THANK'S for the quick response...... Any other suggestion's guy's??? THANK'S
  20. Ok ... I'm sure this question has been asked a million time's..... Putting Mason 7 strand wire on 2 reel's.....Question is what kind of a knot is used to tie the line directly to the spool???? And if I put some mono backing on the reel what knot is used to attach the wire to the mono..... THANK'S GUY'S.....
  21. Thank's guy's.... Being my first time going solo I'll probaby just stick to fly's and spoon's.... Although maybe I'll grab some large fresh herring (alewives) before I head up..... Again thank's for the input....Rich
  22. This Labor Day weekend will be my first attempt at Lake Ontario Salmon... My question is............ What's the story on "CUT BAIT" Does it outperform fly's,spoon's etc. ????? What is the actual cut bait and where to you get it...... (here in Jersey we would usually cut squid,bunker,sea robin's whatever, depending on what your fishing for... What is the rigging technique..... Size hook etc????? Thank's in advance for any advice............ Rich
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