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  1. Trip last Sunday So after 2 years I decided to make a trip out of Owasco. First off I live in Scranton Pa and have enjoy this lake for many many years. That is until now. It wasn't because of the lake being so high from all the water the lake received putting a large amount of debris in the lake nor the terrible flees grabbing even my 30lb test.. Not even the small lakers I caught that day which was a total of 4. It was when I got back to my trailer and noticed that someone had stolen one of my bearing buddies leaving my bearing grease exposed to all the dirt and grim that ticked me off. Pretty much leaving me no choice but to drive home that way and then having to replace the bearings and races. If that is how things are up there anymore I think I'm done with the lake. Wish all you guys the best of luck.
  2. Typically I switch over to bait and just use a 1 or 2 oz sinker below the alwive about 16". I attach a cheap foot meter to the pole and try and put the bait were I mark hooks on my ff. Seams to work well. If the wind is over 10 and almost 15 I set out the socks to help slow the drift down. I run 2 socks. One off the nose the other off the bow so the boat keeps sideways and gives me more room to drift lines. ON a side note. With the boat moving at a good speed. Dead alwives work well also. What I do is use my cut bait rigs and pin a alwive. Gives the dead bait a nice slow roll.
  3. I do the following for making my jigs. Material list. 1. 6" 30lb mono leader 2. (1) 4" Salted tube worm (color of your choice) 3. (3 or 4) beads size 6mm or 8mm (color not important they cant be seen, unless glow? hmmm just gave myself an idea) 4. (1) treble hook size #1 or #2 5. (1) 1oz or 1.5 oz worm sinker (brass or lead) 6. (1) barrel swivel 7. (1) toothpick 1. Push toothpick through the head of the tubworm to make a hole for the leader to go through. 2. snell the treble to the mono leader 3 Now next to the tubeworm lay the leader line and slip on the beads and then the worm sinker. Take off, or put on more beads until the end of the hook is at the begining of the spit tail on the tube worm. 4. Slip the leader line through the hole you made in the tubeworm, and push the worm sinker all the way up into the head of the tubeworm. Its a real tight fit, but the rubber will stretch. It will look a little like a tabpole when your finished. 5. Slip the barrel on the end of the leader and put it close to the head of the tubeworm. Tie it off and trim the excess leader. Your jig is complete.
  4. I'm no expert at jigging but I do get them where there hitting jigs. First off wind to me is important not a big blow just enought to move you around. If its real windy i'll put out a dift sock or 2 most times 2. 1. find them with the graph. no fish don't bother jigging. If you need to know how to tune your graph thats another topic. 2. big is better with jigs. i use 1 oz and over in 50 to 100 foot of water. I also modify my own jigs. I use 4" tube worms and cram a 1oz lead rig i made into it. almost like a fly rig. with beads to keep the hook back. 3. I've taken people out with me and they use the same jigs as me and didn't get a fish. There missing the strike. Its very important to feel the jig on the fall. dont just let it drop. jig up. and then let it fall fast enought to keep tention on the line. The lakers hit it on the fall. This works great on a windy day. the jigs is not only going up and down but also moving horizontaly. and its easier to feel the line on the fall. 4. the color of jigs is also important. I've seen them distroy a white jig over a darker color and vice versa. I also (just me) like to have some silver sparkle in the jigs. i.e. metal flake. stick with the color chart as to what can be seen on how deep you are. example red is only visible down to 20 foot max. orange to 40 and so on. This is why purple and green work great at deeper depths. I hope this helps you out.
  5. Hi I lost one of my 13 lbs pancakes 2 weeks ago in owasco. The eye must rusted thru becuase everything else was fine. I used the old 10lb round balls with the fins and remember real quick how far back they sway. So my question is this. Is the 15lb torpedos the same way as the round balls are. I do like how the ball shows up on the graph. But its not worth having that much swing back to justify it. I also don't feel like waste money on the pancakes if the eyes keep rusting off. There not cheap to replace either. They where coated So I don't know how it happened, but that is the only way it could of come off.
  6. Dave thanks for the reply. I knew about the sliding cheaters, not the fixed. So If i look at your answer to my question, I guess your only using 6" of leader not 6' of leader for the cheaters. I couldn't see how running a long leader would work with a long leader off the mainline. Unless the barrel swivel off the mainline leader was small enough to fit thru the eyes of the pole. Then you could reel up to the swivel off the mainline and only have the cheater line left. Or run 2 leaders of 3' for the cheater and mainline. then the total would be 6'. Now I could start a new topic off this but Its part of your answer to my question. I didn't know about fixed cheater, and I'm trying to put a mental image together on how you make and attach it to the mainline. But I'm getting lost. Im sure it's not your fault in the explanation of how to make and do it. Its the difference between seeing it, and reading it. So what i've been thinking about for sometime now was making videos on all these things, and putting them either on a webpage or uploading to youtube for future people to see and understand. I'm going to look into this further with a couple of friends of mine, and see if there game for meeting people like yourself, and others with the basic knowledge of things like cheaters, downriggers, dipsey divers, and using the equipment the correct way etc. There is so many people that i think it would be useful for. And its so much easier seeing how to do it, then to try and read, and figure it out for yourself. Over the years most of the stuff I was taught came from the old, and wise fisherman. I would of loved to have all the information put on video for future people to see. They might be old and not as able to do things like they did in there youth. But time and time again on the water, or river the'll kick my ass evertime.
  7. I have been following the board with a lot of people running cheaters off there lines. My question is this. If the cheaters are 6 or 7 foot long. I take it your not running a flor carb leader off the main, line down at the ball. If you are, and its also about 6 or 7 foot long. Then if a fish is hooked at the cheater thats 12 to 14 foot of line to the pole. Right? Or am I missing something. Another question is. How productive is the cheaters. Since they are targeting the rainbows and browns. Which to the best of my knowlege are boat shy to begin with. Do you really get them to hit that close to the boat say. 12 to 20 down. assuming your running a cheater off a stacker line also.
  8. I mainly fish for the trout when i make a trip up there. But if its a good day and I limit out early I head to the shore and fish for perch. I only use white mr twisters 1.5" to 2" with a flor. pink head. 1/16 oz. to 1/8 oz. and i catch perch all day with them. I've fished both side of the lake from north end down to south end. using trolling motor to keep in 8 foot of water. throw to shallow water and real in just fast enough to keep the jigs above the weeds. Small mouth, rock bass and perch are all that i've taken with these jigs.
  9. Thank you very much for the answer capt. We use to fish the piers all the time in the past. But it seams that they just don't catch them there like the use to. But I checked the stocking report, and I see they do put fish into sterling creek still. Any idea what the problem is, that the fish just don't run like they use to???? And as far as going to the salmon river. I wouldn't have a clue where to go. What to use. Or if there is any special regs for the river. I can't afford to make a stupid honest mistake, and get bashed by the wardens. Kind of like fishing the oswego,and no 2 jerks on a pole or they call that lifting. I guess getting unstuck from the bottom is considered lifting. Yea... a rock.... So I don't have a good taste in my mouth dealing with river fishing.
  10. Has any one herd if they are catching any fish from the piers in fairhaven. I was up on the lake in oswego wednesday, and didn't do any good. Fished from 40 out to 160. The water was 64 to the bottom. Didn't find any bait or fish on the graphs. It didn't help with also having one guy sea sick on me either. I would like to make another trip up to the lake but I would like to try it from the piers. Any information would be a great help. I have a limited amount of time I can take, and would hate to see another skunked day. All my old freinds that lived by there got old and died on me. So I have no way of knowing what is going on. I live in Scranton pa so its a 3 hour run up to the lake for me. I would exchange cell or home phone numbers. If some one would want to give me the run down on whats going on. Thanks in advance.
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