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  1. fished this morning small amount of fleas but watch out for what I call the floating 10 foot diameter weed pods. They can tangle up in your lines fast.
  2. waterlogged: My canvas is only 5' high so i can reach the rocket launcher holders easily. I could see a issue with them being over 6.5' to 7'. The launcher is a great lakes planner kit plus. Every peice is shipped extra long and you cut them down to fit your application. very simple to install. No special tools needed. Just plan it out before you make your cuts. check clearances under mount etc. you dont have to install over the top it could be mounted just behind the top, maybe. Jeff...........
  3. Just finished adding rocket launcher and downrigger risers on my alumacraft. This should help with the trips to The Big O. This will get the rods off the floor and help me reach the downriggers better. Im not sure I have much room left, as long as i can still board her, im good. Jeff....................
  4. Took this pic while kayak fishing on Cayuga lake. One of my favorites.
  5. Fishing Report Oswego Your Name / Boat Name: Rusty G ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 9-03-09 Time on Water:6am-12pm Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: <1 Surface Temp: 72 Location: little west of twin smoke stacks strait out LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 3 Total Boated:3 Species Breakdown:kings Hot Lure: nk28 lite green and yellow mix Trolling Speed: Down Speed: 2.1 Boat Depth: 180-220 Lure Depth: 93' ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== The bite was hot from 8:30am-10:30am in 200 fow, down temp in that close to shore was 67 to 70 degr. Didn't find 50 deg at 90' till out in 300 fow. All 3 kings were around 15# over 31" to 33", put 2 back kept the one in the picture. Just a great day to be on the lake. Rusty G.................
  6. For Sale: 1987 Bayliner Trophy Hardtop 21.6' 3.0 OMC I/O Cobra- (Sterndrive just rebuilt 2009) New Carburetor 2009 New Throttle control and cables 2009 Trailer is included(loadrite) with 4 new tires and spare. The boat has a 840 fish hawk, New 2009 hummingbird fish finder with gps, New 2009 Vhs marine radio, (2) cannon Mag 10 elec. Downriggers and mounts, live well, bait well, rocket launcher on top, Gas stove, sink, wash down lake water pump, anchor windlass, am/fm radio, Table, sleeps 2-3, New captains chair (2) batteries deep cell and starting. The boat and trailer are in good condition. Very economical boat to use. Boat is located in Homer NY. $5000.00 607-758-3722 Jeff.....
  7. You just made my day, That would be our first King. I have to study the pics more so I can identify the Salmon better. Thanks for the correct Info. Rusty G....
  8. The fish didn't want anything I put in the water today. $700.00 in spoon's, fly's and flasher's draggin behind the Rusty G from 6:30am-2:30pm wasn't good enough for the Big O fish, till my dad put on a home made, Cayuga laker chewed, .50 cent lawn sale find, 3" halographic covered spoon on the number 2 downrigger and 5 minutes later while trolling alittle West of Oswego, North to South in 350 fow, Lure at 94', 48 degrees. Wham- Up comes a nice Coho to keep us company on the way home. I really love fishing.
  10. It seems half of the report I gave is missing, deleted, or corrupted. I caught 2 lakers that day.
  11. Dipsey's give more trolling resistance thru the water, but as long as your HTP is good, no reason you can't. Wire works good too. Often I will look for a boat trolling and use it to guage my trolling speed. Wind, weather and current all effect the yak'S speed. Some people use downriggers on thier yaks, but the thought of a line with a weight hanging under my yak isn't for me.
  12. I fished Cayuga south end out of Taug. Park on Sunday morning out of a Kayak. I winterized my boat way to early this year, so instead of downriggers, motor (HP) and comfort I had a kayak, one rod holder, one lead core rod (10 colors) and human trolling power (HTP). I headed out of the boat launch and started searching for a weed less area to troll. To my surprise I didnt run into a lot of surface weeds. At about 150 FOW I put on a Michigan Stinger and let out the lead core to get me down 40-50 feet. I trolled at my medium (HTP) speed for a short time till I got tired. When I started to slow down thats when the rod started to jump then bent down into the water. I grabbed the rod and started the pull and reel, Soon a 22" lake trout was along side the kayak. Because the kayak sets so low in the water it made the release of the fish simpler. I never had to remove it from the water. I fished for around 4 Hours and caught one more lake trout. It takes some time to get used to the close quarters in the kayak, but with some on shore planning your gear can be within reach. I enjoyed my outing and look forward to more kayak fishing trips in the future.
  13. My name is Jeff. I just purchased a 1987 Bayliner Trophy 21' to replace my 14' grum. I named it SECOND CHANCE because it needed alot of work. Its set up with 4 downriggers, plainer masts, fish hawk, lowrance lcx and all the rods and reels and lures. On Friday I took it out on Cayuga, North Of Taug. park. put 10 fish in the boat, 3 bows the rest were lakes. all taken from 100-60' over 300fow. I need to thank all of the members of LOU for the great information you put in your posts, especially one member Sean(hooked up) who gave me alot of good tips to get me started. I plan to fish the finger lakes to learn more about my equipment then next year head north to Lake Ontario to put some big fish in the boat. This site is great, Thanks Jeff(bd2thbone)
  14. Hey Sean, My dad and I had a great time fishing on Friday. We cooked the Salmon, Bow and laker that night, the Salmon was hands down the best. 1st we pan seared them in a cognac, oil and spices blend, then put them in the oven at 500 on cedar planks. Very tasty. Thanks for all fishing tips, I hope to have my 87 Bayliner Trophy up and running soon so I can start putting fish in my boat. Jeff.................
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