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  1. Where is Fishy Business located? do the have a website?
  2. I was on the west side this weekend and saw alewife in shallow, I was between Goose Watch and Cobble Stone
  3. I pole and some worms, still might be a bit complicated for ya but at least a start!
  4. Not to buck the trend but I have an Elite 7 and like it. I personally did not find it that hard to run, installed a chip in it for NYS and get all the contour info. with no memory issue, chart works fine. For a $700 chart/plotter I would buy it again in a heart beat. Everyone has their favorite brand, all brands have a lemon once in awhile, it's all relative.
  5. Scott, will Bear's store in T-Burg have the applications and sign-up too?
  6. Lakeside is a nice NYS Park, about 5 miles from the river, good sites and clean. Also 4C's rents out cottages pretty reasonable if you would rather have a roof over your head, at least they used to be reasonable. Good luck and make sure you stop by the Black North for a beverage and maybe lunch/dinner. I have spent alot of time over the years at the Oak and it can be alot of fun.
  7. I have 6 Ugly Stiks and 3 Okuma, very happy with all.
  8. Thanks Kyle, it was legible and showed me that we didn't win any of the big money, always fun to be fishing though!
  9. Morning, does anyone have the rsults of this apst weekend Barney & Bear derby, we have a couple of fish on the middle of the board and wonder if they held up or not. Jim
  10. Guys, is there any way to confirm that this is still on for tomorrow, I'm driving in from Rochester tonight and don't want to make the haul if the derby is off. Thanks
  11. Dude, I have seen you fish before, you might be better off stopping at Wegman's for a fish fry!
  12. Having trouble rounding up my crew, does anyone know if you have to have a minimum of 2 people on the boat or can you fish solo?
  13. I use Walker electrics on my boat with the 15lb torpedos that I too got from Screwy Louie's and the riggers handle them just fine, go with a bigger snap swivel and you should be fine. Mt Walker's are newer with the faster motors though so please take that into account. Jim
  14. Good morning all, just to bring closure to this post. I took the 2 piece 7' M uglies out on LO Saturday and am very, very happy . They are much easier to work with, handled fish fine, and not to stiff, really glad I went this route. I do miss the extra leverage the longer rods give me when trying to get fish into the net when fishing alone, but hey, just adds more excitement. Thank you everyone for the advise that was given on the subject. Good fishing, Jim
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