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  1. If your not already in jail... there are a few areas on the Credit River which are protected and some are seasonal... try Erindale park north of Dundas rd. Stay south of the 403 bridge - lots of fishing Hope this link helps http://www.craa.on.ca/new_regulations.shtml
  2. There here!!! Just to up date last weekend (Sunday) I marked fish and watched others catch the big boys at 80FOW... What a change from the last few weeks! I did my best but failed yet again then I had some equipment failure to deal with (VIVA VIAGRA) my down riggers (actually broke the counter off the dam down rigger) and boom the rains started... Oh to hear the cry of joy when a grown man catches a salmon is amazing.. hoping to add my voice to the choir this weekend yet again... Replacing my counter on the big jon and have added some new weapons to the game... Wednesday night, we begin again!!!
  3. Yes the Credit River flows into Lake Ontario at Port Credit. Remember the fish move up river (spawning) when they want to not on a set date or time. Much depends on temperature and water levels (so I have been told). Now in the coming weeks you can move up to Dundas Ave. There is a park (Ernindale Park) on the north side of Dundas Ave. just west of Mississauga Road... Not a big pro fishing guy just trying to be helpful...
  4. Is your wife wondering when she is going to get her husband back? The bad news for your wife is… I believe fish bite in all seasons (spring, summer, winter and fall) they don’t hibernate like bears do. Now I don’t suggest you fish in the middle of January on Lake Ontario and you do need to read the regulations on specific types of fish because they do have regulated seasons in Canada (area depended in some cases). My Lake Ontario fishing season ends when I pull my boat ~ I put my boat away in mid October when I lose my dock space for the season. I have kept it out for a couple of weeks extra some years but it does get risky with the weather. i.e. Cold and Windy
  5. Absolutely! Just try any place where a river or stream enters into the lake… As time marches on move up the river/stream (in the coming weeks)… You should see a crowd any morning or near sun set… Just follow the crowd… Credit River is the best in the west if you ask me (don’t spend anytime on the east side) Has for a rod and reel combo I would read this site for some advise on what works best… Best wishes!
  6. Not so much trophy salmon this year
  7. Some fish finders have a dim feature on the screen... Mine is the power on button which I just tap lightly and the light level changes... Hope this helps...
  8. Hello Everyone! New to LOU! Hope to learn all that I can about fishing on Lake Ontario (North Shore) and give back when I can. Fish out of Bronte Harbor (Oakville Ontario Canada) have a 21â€
  9. I went out to 220 FOW and nothing (yesterday Sunday Aug. 31st.) When I was packing up and coming in I saw mega fish at the base of the Bronte creek 20 FOW tossed out a line and bang got something big on (a king for sure) passed the rod to my sister (I know fishing with my sister) and poof it was gone... Many boats out in 200 plus FOW but no action... Just getting ready to take a ride to the Burlington Rib Fest will try and mark some fish along the way... Any Suggestions (besides take up a new sport)?
  10. thanks smokenstien - I see the boys on the docks but I have been out to 140 fow looking for these kings and no such luck... I hear they are way out still up to 400 fow with a run most likely near the end of September ( what I have been told yet don't think is true) was out today and one tug which was fun for my son but he got away (the fish that is) Sunday I will be back and stick at 20 to 50 fow to see what happens...
  11. Been fishing out of Bronte (Oakville) and marking feeder fish like crazy but no real kings... (some people have found some - but very few) been told they school together and travel down from Kingston towards Toronto and onwards (sort of a loop of the lake) ... Is this true?
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