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  1. Nice too meet you. Im from the chili area myself
  2. Nice man. i fished silver lake for a few days and all i could get was perch. wen over to the pine for pike and not even a bite. my aunt has a place down there. maybe you have heard of them the Halseys.
  3. ty john. where is maxwell creek. i have never heard of it. and i would love to try ice fishing sometime
  4. Hi my name is mike im from Chili NY 18 and i fish black creek.
  5. Hello everyone im 18 and i am just getting into fishing. I was wondering if anyone could share some tips with me. I Like Pike and Bass fishing but have not had a chance to fish lake ontario. Thanks-Mike
  6. Hi guys, iv been fishing a real nice spot in Churchville and have been catching all kinds of fish. If you are to get on the express way in Chili center and take it to the churchville exit a take a left and then make your seconed left(1st left takes you back to the express way) you will come to a state trooper station. Behind it is the creek. there is nice fishing in both directions of the creek. -mike stokes
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