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  1. thanks gambler....however im already comitted.I`ll get there @6am
  2. been at it since `06.Was always a pike nut now i`m just nut`s in general.Love chasing both.No guides,Spent some long hrs on the water,had(still do)my nose in mags etc.Got some help from a few guys but learned much as i went.Most would`nt give out info(@least not whom i asked)but now many will offer up some good advice.Also watched others on the water from a distance of course,casting /trolling technics.Forums are a great tool,Someone will always respond.
  3. hey waylander....i`ll be there too.I`ll be tossing topwater for tigers right out of the launch starting @ 630am.Afterwards hitting 15-20' depth for northerns using large cranks and big spinnerbaits,may even try shallower with inlines.Concentrating deeper edges though.I`ll be in a 16` starcraft white hull with red/blue graphics.pike/muskie stickers on the side(blk f150).I`ve heard of some nice pike coming from same area(launch).Do you have a marine radio????if so what channel??oh yea...welcome to the site Bob
  4. top is @ chautauqua the others are @ waneta.Heading to chautauqua @ the end of this month,hopefully adding more pics.lure in bottom is a 7"straight stalker in blk perch,top one was on a 9"ernie
  5. couple of my best so far
  6. ooops..sorry,they did`nt come from my boat.That was it for the whole bunch-and i`ve got no pics-we got blanked.Irondiquoit was a bust too today!!nuts
  7. we were @ waneta yesterday for the mark troy memorial musky tourney.Not a whole lot of action for us (lost my best ernie)but a good time(3 were boated-42,44?and 38...i forget).Thanks to jim reynolds and bob saucke for a great day on the water and get together afterwards-food-drinks-and conversation.Met some nice people and won a couple of mr.toothy`s crankbats in the raffle. On to conesus,silver and the gennesee next weekend(off on monday),chautauqua oct 24.Right now.... a few hrs on irondiquoit Bob
  8. Just found this forum and thought i`d hookup.Not much to say(yet)...just....I LUV 2FISH FOR ESOX!!!!!!!look forward to chat`n with others who enjoy the same.I`m not too shy about trading hot spots,techniques and such.I try to get out as much as possible.Boat will be in into november then it`s time to get ready for hardwater.I have a 16`white hull,red/blue graphics starcraft sporting musky and pike graphics.Give a shout if ya spot me.I fish chautauqua,waneta,conesus,irondiquoit,sodus.(someday the niagara).I collect antique fishing lures and also bowhunt in the fall when not fishing(tough choice!!)cya Bob :mrgreen: [/img]
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