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  1. My brother and I are going to the St. Lawarence River this fall and I would like buy a few deep diving crankbaits for muskies. We do not have down riggers so we will be flatlining while trolling. Does anyone have any recomendations? Would be much appreciated, thanks and I hope all of you have a great week. Waylander
  2. Just about any place in the north end in or around the weeds is productice for pike and there are always bass around any of the docks but the weeds were really bad the last time I was out there (a few weeks ago) and its was really really hard to fish. Anyway good luck, sometimes you just have to feel it out.
  3. Scramp I should'nt have answered so matter of fact like that. I'm not an expert but a DEC guy told me that the walleye were running a while back so when I went to check out the pike spawning I figured the walleye were all done because I didnt see any but I did see some pike. Anyway I appologize I should have stated how and where I got the info. Hope everyone had a great Easter.
  4. The walleye are all done for the year at Conesus and the pike are at the tail end of their spawning period, I was up there yesterday and there were still a few pike cruising around.
  5. I cant tell from the picture but that looks like a relatively small body of water, if that is the case pike and musky cant coexist for any reasonable length of time in such a small area. Eventually the pike will drive the musky out. Just thought that might add another clue for the puzzle. Waylander
  6. Comming from a long line of military men and being a disabled vet myself I love stories like this. Thanks for having the guts to make this post, what a neat and touching story. Waylander
  7. My brother and I are planning a trip to Canada for pike this coming spring. Does anyone know of a good fly in fishing outfitter in Ontario? We are looking for something with a meal plan and boats (with at least with swivel seats). We would really like a place with large pike, not to interested in anything else, although lake trout may be fun too. Price wise we would like to keep it around $2000 a person max. If any of you have been up there or know someone who has we would really appreciate any help, thank much Waylander
  8. I fish Conesus often, its been a slow summer for me but recently the pike have been hitting a lot more often. Probably need a little cooler water yet for the big girls to come real shallow but we are catching more and more of average size as the season progresses. We were not having much luck with the pike on Wednesday so my brother and I switched to bass rigs and I promptly had 3 plastic worms bitten off by pike, go figure. Anyway maybe sluggos or something like that might be hot this time of year if they are liking plastic worms. Well good luck my friend and if you need someone to go with PM me, I have a pretty open schedule this fall and I'm always looking for people to fish with. Waylander
  9. My buddy Todd landed this largemouth 7lbs 7ozs. Its all we caught all day long, the pike would not hit for anything. The picture doesnt do it much justice, Todd is a big guy
  10. Anyone been to Silver Lake this year? I was thinking of heading out there Friday for some pike fishing. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Waylander
  11. Seems to have been pretty poor fishing on Conesus all together this year, I've been out 5 times or so and casted many a lure with minimal results as compared to last year. I know the fish are in there, it must be the weather or something or maybe I'm just going on the wrong days. I am however looking forward to my next Conesus trip, its one of the few places in western NY to hook up with 20lb plus pike so that keeps me going on the slow days. Anyway good luck my friend, hope to see you out there sometime. Waylander
  12. Phil I love reading your posts because you always have cool pics, tell the whole story and arent afraid to ask questions, keep up the good work my friend. Nice smally btw. Waylander
  13. What was the water temp at? I'm heading out there this sunday Waylander
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