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  1. Just wondering if anyone had any tips on Owasco? Going there for Columbus Day weekend. Went there last year with no luck, only have a 16' open bow with 25 hp on back. Any fish not just trout would be great.Thanks
  2. HIt I bay 10/2 started at 8am fished til 1. Flatheads only around the bouys, lots of action for about 2 hours total. Then it died and the wind and rain set in. Total kept about 30 ranging between 8-13in. that was with 4 guys fishing. Hoping to get some bigger ones next time.
  3. srappy2543

    I bay

    ANyone hit IBAY yet?
  4. Thanks man, my buddy and I are going to erie next weekend hopefully. never been there but heard the stories. I have my fingers crossed.
  5. Well we did well on bass around the docks a few on some cranks and top water but no walleye. They seem to be the very elusive fish that I cannot catch.
  6. Hey there, going to honeoye tom, was wondering where and what to try and get a few eyes? Any help please?
  7. Buddy and I hit Honeoye yesterday. First time fishing, hit the northwest end around the docks with heavy plastic worms, nailed a few bass. Then drifted from the outlet east casting small cranks and spinners, picked up a bunch of bass. Nothing huge but alot of fun. Then top water action with some buzz baits and actually caught a pretty nice rock bass!
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