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    Wilkes-Barre, pa
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    fishing , hunting , masters track and field, i'm nationally ranked in the mens javelin , discus, hammerthrow, and shotput
  1. Would Be Nice to see A 50 lb er I already Have A 42 Lber From the Salmon Rivercaught on a spAwn sac in 1988 no "Lifting " Thats illegal and believe me they watch lots of plainclothes ya think it was a drug bust going down, at least they stopped the snagging that was just dangerous
  2. Happy Veterans Day, and Thank You All
  3. i made mine out of an old aluminum guard rail from a color printing press, i even used the mounting brackets from it to use as the mounting for the mast onmyboat , the reels i made out of pvc pipe and aluminumstock scraps from our fab shop whereI work, cost was only for the planer board line and the shock pulleys which were for clothes lines, real inexpensive, i even made a brake system out of the leather from my old steel toed boot, the boards i made myself waterproofedthem and covered them with polyurethane to seal them, everything sits in my cellar now collecting dust, i sold my boat no place to keep it, plusmy crazy work schedule over the years just can't spendthe time i want
  4. i also made my own usedpressure treated pine coated with polyurathaneto seal them , the mastwasmade out of aluminum tubing the reels utilized aluminum for the handles and side plates abs was used for the spools made it all in work in the machine shop during lunch breaks
  5. i use a 10ft 6inch daiwa greatlaker rod and a linecounter reel i use 30 pound mono on the reel , i use the snubber and usuallly run 20lb trilene on the lure line length varies really neverlost a fish do to that had a salmon snapp the rod on a strike other han that no problems
  6. thanks longline i know they used to bother us upnear the shipping lanes by counting the people and the polesback in the early 90's
  7. i'm for it in reality 10 percent of the anglers catch 90percent ofthe fish anyway so this would improve the odds so to say i have said this for over 15 years i couldn't understandwhy not but we still have to contend with our canadian brothers aren't they limited to 1 rod
  8. :mrgreen: time 9 am place indian lake , luzerne county , pa, my son called meat in the freezer , one doe 145 lbs , 140 yard shot with 7mm mag my rifle, one shot one kill just like dad taught him
  9. hi people Bob Meluskey Sr, here from wilkes-barre, pa , currently my boat which used to be located at pointpeninsula at goldens marina, has been decommissioned due to economics functions , it was only a 18 ftr which saw many hours on the lake from oswego to cape vincent , but when i wanted to go bigger and mainly due to the lack of interest from my fellow buddies, i decidedto sell it so its been gone for 2 years and i miss it but i still fish for salmon on my one friends boat when i can, also i haunt the rivers particularly the salmon river in pulaski for salmon and steelhead when time permits my free time is spent competing in the usatf's master track serieson the east coast , yea the desire to be competitive still burns, but i still love my fishing and my hunting and my new fishing buddy my granddaughter , who is 5, loves to fish anytime anywhere and has been up to pulaski with me this year as a net person, gotta start em young
  10. remember any time you can get your lure down and away from the boat , enhances your chance to get bit, that was told to me by capt Michaels of the Finatic many years ago and it makes sense
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