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  1. Legally that is... And it rides as good as it looks. I am sure glad he put me in his will... As far as a choice in boats, I also pick an aluminum as well. But my favorite boat was my dads 56 Chris Craft Capri. (wood)
  2. L-D

    Monster King

    I have heard of a worm trailer for stripers, but a king trailer?
  3. Epoxy, or duct tape then... What about a bracket you can hang off the platform? Then you can move it where ever you want...
  4. I attached a transducer in a shoot through the hull installation in this fashion in my kayak. Find a location where you want to mount it. I used a bag of beans as a weight to hold it down and keep it from moving as the silicone cured. You do not want it to move at all, as the silicone cure as this can cause air bubbles to form. Clean, and sand the hull where you want to attach the transducer. Then clean the hull and transducer with alcohol. Use a good silicone. Most of the kayak guys out here do not use epoxy, there are no second chances that way... With silicone, if you need to move it, just use a putty knife carefully so as not to scratch the transducer, and just re-apply. Apply silicone to the bottom of the transducer liberally, and in a manor that will avoid bubbles. If you see bubbles, clean and re-apply. Press down firmly and with a slight twist to seat it. Carefully put your weight on. In the cold weather you guys have there, maybe a drop light on the area to help keep it warm might be a good idea too. I did that in the summer here on the other coast, and had no problems with the curing. Good luck! PM your phone # if you want and I can call you. Jeff
  5. Ray, Thanks for the input. I will check out the Shakspere T20LCL.
  6. I was shopping around for a line counter reel to replace the Diawa Sealine that I recently lost, and came across the Okuma StrataMaster reels on the Bass Pro Shops site. I was wondering if any one has one and can give me any feedback on them, or Okuma reels in general. Thanks, Jeff
  7. Hey Brian! There sure are some nice folks on this board... and Stan... Careful if you do bum a ride with Stan in April. He wanted to tell the stewardess that we were on our honeymoon to see if we could get bumped up to 1st class... Jeff aka "The Other Westy"
  8. This isn't what I had in mind for today... I got a smoker for Christmas, No fish for it yet...
  9. Since I got talked out of heading farther up the hill, I went to Sly Park. Too much fresh snow and ice on the road, and I was flying solo. I really like that lake when it has water in it. Very scenic, But I still don't do very good there. There really isn't much to say about today, it was cold (for California), it was 35 at the house, probably around 30 at the lake, It was a slow day, and I could not catch a fish to save my life! It was not for lack of effort. I was working the area in front of the second dam, where I was marking a lot of fish. I did get a hit or three, but that was it. On the water at about 7:00, off at around 1:00. Surface temp was 47. I was going to leave a bit earlier, and stopped to pull in my lines. Right after I got them in, a fish surfaced about 10 ft. or so from the boat, and I swore he flipped me off. Oh well, next time... This is about the lowest I have seen this lake... The water level is usually about where the second set of tracks goes off the ramp. The island you see out off to the left, blocks off the main part of the lake. One of the reasons I still go here once in a while... And about half way across the main part of the lake.
  10. I will! But doesn't everybody out there ice fish? I do need more work on the pictures, sometimes a little difficult when I am by myself. A gentleman at the cleaning station helped with the one of the keepers. They had 2 limits that went a little over 35 lbs. The limits here are 5 fish.
  11. I headed down to Lake Amador, near Ione, Ca., today, I was only going to go for a couple of hours, but wound up staying longer. The fishing was GOOD! A white 2" grub with a orange power egg in front was good and the black grub with a white power egg was hot as well. Procure Krill was the hot scent for the day. I kept 4 bleeders, and released at least 12 more. I wasn't counting. The 1st couple of hours, I could not seem to keep 2 lines in the water all the time. Definitely a good day to be sick... I mean fishing... The fish all went from about 2 1/2 to 5 lbs. This lake is a concession that a family owns, and they raise their own trout, a strain of the Donaldson trout. It is very common to catch 5 lb'ers, and I have caught one 8 lb'er a couple years ago. That is a blast on ultra lite gear with 6 lb. test for sure. 1st decent one of the day We need water... A nice football The 4 keepers LD
  12. There is one more thing I would like for Christmas. I would like to see Stan pull in that 10+ lb. brown. He deserves it!
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