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  1. If i am launching at the southern end of Canandaigua, where would I find the closest bait shop?
  2. When you guys talk about Dipsies are you always referring to #1's with the ring on? Also, do you find that the color of the Dipsy ever makes a difference? Do you always load your spinner with a crawler or do you ever find any success with the Gulp Alive or any other meat or meat imitations? Thanks
  3. I was up there Thursday, April 1. The walleye were all over. There were none stacked up at the barrier but there were plenty of fish from the bridge to the shallows just below the barrier. The outlet is definitely low. Lots of light colored fish that must have been new arrivals from the lake. No pike visible. Where are thes monsters in the summer?
  4. Crossing the border into Canada from Buffalo or Niagara Falls NY, where is the nearest place in which I can purchase a Non-resident fishing licence? I already have my card.
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