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  1. For sale 4 shimano tekota 300lc reels. In original boxes. Used very little. In great shape. 120.00 each shipped.
  2. Up for sale is a new in the box shimano tekota 800lc . Brand new never used. Will ship. 230.00 includes shipping.
  3. I've seen as much as a forty foot error in the new fishawk X4d. And depending on the amount of cable you install on your riggers. That can alter things as well. Current, speed , direction , style of weight, varying weights lbs. diameter of cable, what your pulling behind it, so many variables. Just put um where ya se um !
  4. Let out cable to desired depth. Run in shore till you hit bottom. Science solved!!!!!!!!
  5. Come on shell back. We all know you pennsultuckians can come up with that much cash !!! You pimpin your sis.
  6. A buddy of mine wanted this posted. Contact him via his cell. Great boat. It is od green. Tiller. 2 fish finders. 110 hd. Lowrance plus 2 others. Hdi 5. N not sure on the other but it's mounted up front. Bow mount minn Kota. Trax tech traxs n rod holders. VHF radio. Galvanized trailer. Live well. He can text pictures. 315-591-5699.
  7. Have you seen any lessers. Shot a few up your way last year. None this year. Just wondering.
  8. I know where there's a 91 loaded. He would take. 22,000.00 for. His boats got every electronic item you need. It's in Mexico if it isn't put away yet.
  9. I went too west marine. Bought some pullies used for sail boat rigging. Like 9 bucks each. Been on my Scottie's for 14 yrs . Coated cable works fine. Just gotta pinch the top together so the cable doesn't jump. Been awesome!!!!!!!
  10. That's been slow. Depth changes day to day. But 77 was ok today.
  11. Lots n lots n lots n lots of fleas between bites. Pretty slow. Launch outta o-town best bet. But don't expect much. Charters doing 3-9 kings a trip.
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