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  1. Katia posted it as ending at 4. So I’m going with that
  2. Looks like 71 and sunny for this one. Light west wind. Water temp was 48 Wednesday but should go up some by the 13th. No new weeds yet. Didn’t move any esox Wednesday but stuck a pig of an LMB.
  3. Chapter 69 pike/tiger tournament is May 13th, 7am to 4pm. Register online at NYmusky69 or in person at the launch from 6 to 7am. Awards,food,and raffle afterwards at launch. Under 16 free. 27” minimum at this one. Any questions text 315 667 0222. Pic shows raffle items
  4. Moved five today and even caught one. 4fow just north of scout camp on a Posiden.
  5. 26 anglers caught 2 muskies today. Brandon Marshall and Jason Eckman won it. Bucko Muro, Brooks Hendrix and Justin Jackson were second. Lots of skunks today but great weather and a good time. Thanks for coming out
  6. Chautauqua big baller tournament is this Saturday October 29th. Casting only. Sign up online at NYmusky69 or in person at Pendergast launch from 6 to 7 am. Awards,bait raffle and food at gazebo in lakeside park afterwards. $100 per angler. 100% payout. Includes 5 bait raffle tickets and a T shirt. Any extra shirts available afterwards for $10. Any questions text 315-667-0222. Weather looks good.
  7. 34 anglers caught 7 muskies today. Travis Young and Cal Norris won with a 41, also good enough for big fish. Chapter 70 wins the challunge again 73 to 6. Thanks to everyone who came out.
  8. Oops. There is an event at the boathouse tomorrow and they don’t want trailers in the parking lot. We will have to do the awards and raffle at the launch. Sorry
  9. Waneta lake chapter challenge between 69 and 70 is October 1st from 7am to 3pm. Members $25, non members $35. Optional big fish pool is $5. Under 16 free. Awards and bait raffle afterwards at boathouse on Waneta. Everyone who enters gets 5 bait raffle tickets. Our hedge against inflation. Register online at NYmusky69 or at the launch from 6am to 7am. Text questions to 315 667 0222
  10. When I get hit boatside I try to walk the fish to the back hoping it will dive or swim away from the boat driving the hooks home. This works better for me than staying put while the fish goes nuts
  11. Tip of the hat to ericmic1 for towing someone during a tournament
  12. A couple nice ones from the tournament
  13. Chapter 69 tournament at Chautauqua is coming up fast. June 25th, 7am to 3pm. Register online at nymusky69 or at Pendergast launch from 6 to 7 am. Members $25, non members $35, optional big fish pool is $5. Under 16 free. Team event with 3 longest fish per team. First place pays 50%. Second pays 30% and third 20%. Awards, food, and bait raffle afterwards at Mayville park. Entries must be in by 4:30. Raffle at 4:30. Code word for tournament will be put out at 6:10 am on tournament day. Word must be visible in pictures of fish on bump board. Text any questions to 315-667-0222.
  14. First place to Brad Krajewski,Drake Johnson and Lee Hanna. Second to Brocks Hendrix,Barry Brunser and Justin Jackson. Third to Dave and Clint Taft. Big fish was a tie at 34” between Brocks Hendrix and Cathie Milizia. All pike today,no tigers caught. It was hot.
  15. Up for grabs at lure raffle. Tickets are $5 or 5 for $20. Some nice stuff here.
  16. Conesus pike/tiger tournament is May 21st 7am to 3pm. Register online at nymusky69 or at the launch from 6to7am. Members $25,non members $35. Optional big fish pool $5. Under 16 free. Team event with 3 biggest fish per team. Minimum size 27”. Code word put out at 6:15 which must appear in pics on the bump board. First place 50%,second 30%,third 20%. Awards,food and bait raffle immediately after at Vitale park in Lakeville. Text questions to 315 667 0222.
  17. Mark A Graziano caught a 40” fish. So did this guy but I don’t remember his name. Tough getting senile
  18. 21 anglers boated 10 fish. Mark Graziano and another Mark Graziano took first. Second went to Cliff Orbrist,Jesse Tyrell,and Mike Ellis. Third place to Mike,Eric,Adam and Kevin Breen. No rain today! Biggest were two 40” fish.
  19. I’m three hours away as well. I haven’t heard anything about conditions after the rain. I’ll try to get some info
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