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  1. Just wanted to update this post and add a used Subtroll too it.

    Used this Subtroll as a spare unit. This is just the head unit, probe and antenna. Unfortunately I don’t have the mounting bracket or the coax cable that runs from the downrigger to the head. Both work, I tested them both at the end of the season last year.

    Asking $150, OBO.


    If you’re interested in one of these it’s probably better to text my phone, 585-233-9163.


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  2. Selling a Garmin GPSMap 431. I’ve this unit for 7 years, has kept me on my numbers and gotten me home every time. It’s preloaded with the navigation chart for Lake Ontario. I’m not sure what software version is currently loaded on it. The last update I did on it was about 4 years ago. Unit is in really good condition, mount and power cable too.
    Here’s the link to the Garmin website with all the details and specs for this unit.
    Asking $125
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    Thanks for the info and the offer! What would the housing arrangements be for this project, and the length of the job?

    The job will go for most of the summer, I would imagine until he starts back at school for the fall semester. As for housing, we get allowances for hotel stays, one person to a room, and $59/day perdiem. I usually try to get us at the Bestwestern in Plattsburgh, clean, comfortable rooms and a good continental breakfast in the morning there.

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  4. I just contacted SUNY ESF yesterday about a summer intern. I’m a land surveyor, I work for Patriot Design & Consulting. We do a lot of topographic surveys for engineering, and environmental projects. I’m specifically looking to staff a FEMA project that I have in Clinton County NY, surveying profiles across the Saranac River, Chazy R, Ausable, Little Ausable, and the Salmon. Approximately 75 miles of river and bridges. He’d have to be ok working outside, and being in and out of the water. These are fun projects for us, they get us out there in woods a lot more than other projects.

    He can email me if he’s interested at [email protected]

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  5. Don’t ever pass up on an evening to fish after work if the weather is good to get out. I will tell you that the fishing is just as good in the evening as it is in the morning.

    Just like what those other guys have said, there are many days that the fish put the feed bags back on mid day, and they are often the biggest fish of the trip.

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  6. Saw this boat at Fat Nancy's on the trailer last week while on vacation, if I was in the market for a Great Lake Ontario fishing, I'd take a serious look at this one. It's set up sweet too. Don't pass this up for $10k!

    I don't know the seller, just saying, sweet ride!

  7. Those smaller fish are 2 year old fish. They do take scale samples to verify the age of the fish that they are taking eggs from, they do not age those fish based on size. So their data is pretty accurate. The big question is why are so many fish maturing at age 2, and not age 3? And why is recruitment down?

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  8. I've got a Mission Archery bow that I bought from Phil Race at Indian Mountain Archery before he closed up shop, he was a great guy and a great bow technician too. 


    Now I need to have new strring, cables and silencers, and the bow tuned, and I'm looking for recommandations on where to take it.  I live in Bergen, so west side of Rochester is best, but I'd drive to the east side if I needed to.


    Thanks in advance!!!


  9. Thanks for the info guys! 


    I'll chew in this for a few days, and go from there. 


    This is also my first inboard, I've had outboards and an I/O before this.  It looked like a real clown shown the first time this year pulling out of my slip, and then back in later after fishing.  Everybody missed out, my Dad was the only one around to bust my chops about it.

  10. I bought a bigger boat last year, 26' Baha Weekender, single screw.  After a lot elbow grease I finally got to fish over the weekend in it, and I'm liking all the space I have.


    Unfortunately I'm finding with the current trolling bags I have, I don't have great speed control.  About the slowest I can troll down to is about 2.3 MPH down speed, and that's at ~750 RPMs.  I don't like trolling at a low RPM like that either, I'd like to be able to troll aroun 1000-1100 RPMS.  One bag is a 22" diameter, and the other is 30" diameter. 


    I'm thinking of going to either 2 - 36" bags, or 2 - 48" bags.  Do you guys have any thoughts on what size???  I was thinking 48", only because that would give me better speed control, and a higher trolling RPM, but I don't want to go over board either and be trolling at like 1800 RPMs.


    Thanks in advance.

  11. Dale,


    Between the our new baby girl, and keeping up with snow removal and firewood, I haven't had a lot of time to work on the new boat.  I've got everything I need, parts and equipment, just waiting for a break in the weather to get out there and work on it.  We'll get there, and have things ready to go brown trout fishing in April. 


    In the mean time I'll take advantage of the forced time inside with my gals, and rest up for another very busy Spring, Summer, and Fall. 

  12. I had a short shaft Honda on my last boat, 21' Sportcraft, but I had it mounted on a Garelick trolling motor mount bolted to the transom. I could raise and lower as needed. Unfortunately a short shaft my not work on a swim platform type of mount.

    But I could be wrong. Take a tape measure out to the boat, and measure down 16" from where the throat of the mount bracket would be, this will give you an idea where the top of the anti-ventilation plate would end up. You want to try and get the prop below the hull of your boat. It doesn't have to be perfect, but at least close.

    If it does work out, you may only be able to troll with it on nice days. Even a 2' chop could cause prop cavitation. In those cases I just trolled with the main.

    Good luck.

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