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  1. Just  a reminder, deadline is approaching.  This Friday May 10th  by midnight.  Or late registrations taken up to Captains meeting with added $200 reg fee.


    1K and Slam: anyone can enter these two events.  Participation in the WHI is not required to fish these events.  Registration is up to May 16th at 11:59 PM.


    We also have the Newbie division and Canadian division.  Extra 2K for each added in. However, we need 5 teams min in ea. to proceed with that division. 


    See website details for more information.





    Captain Pete

  2. 2024 Salmon School is sold out. Thank you to everyone who signed up. Captain Rob, Casey and myself are excited and looking forward to a fun and informative day. Did I say fun?
    Also, thanks to the Lake Ontario Trout and Salmon Association for continuing this annual event.
    They do a lot of work behind the scenes to promote and organize the Salmon School as well at the 4 day Expo.
    There will be a lot of seminars, in addition to the SS.
    Check out the link to view the vendors, reps and more.
    Captain Pete
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    Hello anglers,


    The LOTSA organizers wanted me to let you know that the 2024 Salmon School is nearly sold out.  So, if you are considering attending the event in February, do not wait to long.  There are 15 seats or less available.


    Captain Casey Prisco, Rob Westcott as well as myself are excited to present at this year's event.


    Captain Pete



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  4. Congratulations to our 2023 Great Lakes Special Events Division II Champion, Captain Dave Antenori and Team Screamer!!!
    Full results available on our website.
    Runner Up: Team Vision Quest. Tight race: (305 and 304 final points score)
    Overall Winner: $300 cash plus $500 in sponsor coupons from FishUSA and Dreamweaver Lures Runner Up: $200.00 check and $200 in sponsor prizes from FishUSA and Dreamweaver Lures
    Winner will also receive a BIG championship series check, which will be awarded at the 2024' WHI event in Wilson.
    Next year, we hope to bring back Division I back (paid entry) large payout.  


    DII has been updated after Fairhaven... We have a new leader: Team Screamer moves back into 1st, Team Vision Quest in second and Team Thrillseeker in 3rd. There are 1 events left, Any one of these 3 can still win it all.
    Team VQ and Thrill did not fish the Fairhaven Challenge. All 3 are expected at the September Big Boys at the OAK on Labor Day weekend. Going to the wire.
    DII pays out 2 spots..
    1 Screamer Atommik 97 92 97 103 2 62 76 100 74 100 305.00
    2 Vision Quest 76 62 94 103 94 76 103 4 304.00
    3 Team Thrillseeker 54 80 84 82 54 100 97 100 297.00
  6. The Great Lakes Special Events DII has been updated... We have a new leader: Team Vision Quest moves into 1st, Team Screamer in second and Team Thrillseeker in 3rd. There are 2 events left, Any one of these 3 can still win it all.
    DII pays out 2 spots.
    1 Vision Quest 76 62 94 103 94 76 103 4 304.00
    2 Screamer Atommik 97 92 97 103 2 62 76 100 74 302.00
    3 Team Thrillseeker 54 80 84 82 54 100 97 100 297.00
  7. Updated through the Oswego Pro AM.


    Screamer in 1st

    Vision Quest in the runner up


    Will boil down to last event more than likely....




    Still a few events to go.  If anyone sees any errors that effect the top 10 or other, please let me know. There are a lot of numbers to tally as the season progresses.


    Captain Pete



  8. I will add a couple more things. Some of the guys using braid also use it for depth.  They happen to be deeeeep meat guys and feel braid allows more depth/less line. Casey for sure likes braid for that reason, esp when has has to laker fish a lot during the season. We catch a lot of browns when in BT mode. Our best rigger is usually our deepest with 15 ft ball to spoon lead.  


    Lastly, one of the reasons wire divers catch fish and a lot of big fish, is the same hummmm. Its the same steel except smaller diameter.  When we want stealth/fishing high, we use 20# mono and divers for the non-humm/stealth plus allows us to get mono lil further out on sides (divers run on a 3 to 4 setting-dialed) out for high salmon/trout OR skinny water stagers/fish browns.  But deeper run diver fish hardly resist wire diver offerings. VS Braid


    Catch em up this season seeyawader.


    Captain Pete









  9. The 2023 WHI-1K a Day-Trout and Salmon Slam are now open for registration. Deadlines approaching




    • 202023 WHI - Overall ($1,000.00)

      $400.00 Registration Fee for Each Day
      $200.00 Registration Fee for Overall
      Regular Registration Deadline 05/12/2023
      Late Registration Deadline 05/19/2023 at 6pm ($200 additional fee)

    •  2023 WHI - Main Event Both Days ($800.00)

      400.00 Registration Fee for Each Day
      Regular Registration Deadline 05/12/2023
      Late Registration Deadline 05/19/2023 at 6pm ($200 additional fee)

    •  Main Event - Saturday Only ($400.00)

      2023 Wilson Harbor Invitational Saturday Only

    •  Main Event - Sunday Only ($400.00)

      2023 Wilson Harbor Invitational Sunday Only


    • Trout and Salmon Slam

    • 2023 Trout and Salmon Slam ($300.00)

      300.00 Registration Fee
      Registration deadline is 05/18/2023
      **You will only be entering into the dates following the date you register. (Example: If you register Tuesday at 12:01 am you can only compete Wednesday through Friday.)
      Entry is open to any team. Registration in WHI is not required.
      Tournament Dates are 05/13/23 to 05/19/23


    • 1K A Day023 1K a Day

    •  2023 1K a Day ($150.00)

      150.00 Registration Fee
      Registration deadline is 05/18/2023
      **You will only be entering into the dates following the date you register. (Example: If you register Tuesday at 12:01 am you can only compete Wednesday through Friday.)
      Entry is open to any team. Registration in WHI is not required.
      Tournament Dates are 05/13/23 to 05/19/23.

      **GLSE/WHI retains 10% of entries for administration



    Captain Pete


    Congratulations to Captain Carl and his Dublin Up team for winning DII this year and to Mr. Consistent; Captain Rob of Legacy for Runner-Up..



    Overall Winner: $300 cash plus $500 in sponsor coupons from FishUSA and Dreamweaver Lures Runner Up: $200.00 check and $200 in sponsor prizes from FishUSA and Dreamweaver Lures

    Winner will also receive a BIG championship series check. (GLSE reserves the right to use the winning team pictures and related press for further promotion of the LOCS)

    These will be handed out at the Wilson Harbor Invitational or sooner if those teams are not competing in it?


    The 2nd, 3rd and 4th teams were close-so if any teams want to review scores for discrepancies-and finds any, we have time to review/resolve.  



    Below are links:








    Thank You,

    Captain Pete and Kevin Jerge

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  11. Reminder: The Wilson Harbor Invitational deadline is approaching soon.  




    Registration Deadlines:

    05/06/22 at 11:59pm - Main Event - Saturday, Sunday and Overall (late fee applies after 05/06/2022)
    05/12/22 at 11:59pm - Trout and Salmon Slam
    05/12/22 at 11:59pm - 1K A Day








    The WHI is now accepting registrations.



    We will be having the week long Trout and Salmon Slam as well as the 1K A Day.  (Coincides with the LOC)


    The Great Lakes Special Events "Lake Ontario Championship Series" featuring 2 divisions will be updated(website changeover-in progress) and ready to go in a few weeks.


    This year we will be bringing back Division I (entry fee required) which will have an additional $2,000 in cash/prizes added to 1st place.  Division II will be free again (no entry required).


    Last year's DII winner was the red hot team of Team Mister Squirrely (Captain Jonathan Forder) followed by runner up: Team Hound Dog (Captain Jim Spinelli)

    Both teams received a check (from GLSE) and gift certificates from our 2 main sponsors: Dreamweaver Lure Company and FishUSA...


    We also welcome back Dreamweaver Lure Company and FishUSA as the two main sponsors to date.


    Thank You


  13. Dates for the 2022 WHI are May 14 and 15 with same basic format as the 2021 event.


    The week long Salmon and Trout Slam and 1K A  Day events will also start the week before and leading up to the WHI.  The 2022 L.O.C. will also be occurring during this time period.


    Non WHI participants can also compete in both week long events.




    The WHI website and registration will be updated and accepting registrations sometime this winter.


    Thank You

    Capt. Pete



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