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  1. Send me your E-Mails addresses and I get you pics of whatever you'd like to view ,,,,,,, Thanks for asking
  2. Great Lakes Tackle Ok here is my Tackle Sale which consists mostly of of the Bread and Butter of catching fish ! Most of the lures and such are "NEW". The spoons might have some tarnish but thats to be expected from just being stored. I have lists and color pics if you would like to view them. Just let me know and I will get them to you as soon as I can. Items Descriptions Dodgers: Luhr Jensen Les Davis Herring Dodgers CowBells: Luhr Jensen - Dave Davis and Dave Davis Fluted Lake Huron Bells Cousin Carl Half Fast Hammerhead Flashers: Bechholds 8" & 11" Capt. Kings Reel Flashers 13", Std., Glo, X-Glo Challenger Big Eye 8" Coyote 8" Hot Spot 11" Ok'I Lil Shooter 8" & Big Shooter 11" Fly's: G Fly's Horse Fly's Spanish Flies & Other Flies Meat Heads: Capt. John Kings Challenger Rhy Davis Twinkie Twinkie Rigs Spoons: Dreamweaver Regular & Magnum Eppinger Evil Eyes Fishlanders Joe's Original Pirate Luhr Jensen- Cleo's, Loco's, Needlefish, Rattlesnake, Diamond Kings Michigan Stingers Regular and Magnum Northport Nailers Pro Kings Regular and Magnum RAC Walleye Wolverine Silver Streaks Regular and Magnum Yecks J-Plugs: #2, #3 and #4 Dipsy Divers: Luhr Jensen size "0", 2 3/4" "Please E-Mail me for quantity, sizes and color availibility on Dodgers, Flashers, Fly's, Meat Heads and Spoons" "I also have a large collection of ""Original"" Storm Thundersticks, ThinFins, Wiggle Warts and Hot 'n Tots" I also have Bomber Long "A" in 3 3/4" and 5" Please E-Mail me for Sizes and color availibility on crank and stickbaits Majority of these Items are "NEW" Contact: [email protected] Note: Please have patience, as I try and respond as soon as possible ,,,,,,, Thanks in advance .....
  3. I have a Pair of Shimano Tekota 700's on 8' Shimano Talora rod combos. The rods are medium power/fast acting. The copper is 300 yards of 45# test. These combos have never been used. I'm asking $240 each plus shipping costs. Contact me @ 419-271-3618 or e-mail [email protected] Thanks and Tight Lines
  4. My wife keeps telling me to head north for some R&R and rehab ,,,,,,,,, makes me salivate just thinking about it. Thanks Ray .........
  5. The Daiwa Heartlands are currently in contract to sell ,,,,,,,, if I can help you out in any other way, let me know. I do have 2 Shimano TDR 8' rods that were spares and have almost no usage on them ,,,,,, Paul
  6. Currently the warmer climates of NC. The warmer weather seems to help the aches and pains. Thanks to all for the Kind Words ............. Great Fishing to All in 2010
  7. Ok Here's some more Stuff ...... Fortress FX11 Aluminum Anchor .... $125 Magma Adj.Levelock Filet Table 12 1/2x31 ..... $100 (2)Fishlander Custom adj. Corner Boards for Downrigger Mounting..$400/pr (2)Fishlander Elec. Downriggers,Swivel Bases,3 rod Holders ......$390 ea. (2)Fishlander Single Multi. Pos. Rod Holder ......$60 ea. (2)Fishlander Triple Multi. Pos. Rod Holders .......$220 ea. (1)36" Amish Outfitters Trolling Bag ....$60 (2)Shimano TDR 1802 Aeroglas Rigger/Board Rods .....$18 ea. (2)Daiwa Heartland S 8' Rigger/Board rods, medium action ....$18 ea. (2)Daiwa Eliminator 8' Rigger/Board rods, medium action ....$18 ea. (2)JBI Erie Series Dipsy Diver Rods 10' .... $20 ea. (2)Daiwa Eliminator Dipsy Diver Rods 10'6" ....$20 ea. (4)Shimano Triton TR200G Reels - $45ea. I have Pics of MOST Items to view ..... Prices do not Reflect Shipping/Handling,Buyers Responsibility
  8. Due to Employment and Health reasons, I have sold my boat and will be selling the Majority of my EXTENSIVE Collection of Fishing Tackle and Equipment. (2) Shimano Tekota 700/8'Talora Copper Combo's spooled with 300'/45# copper, New Never used, just dusty ... $250 ea (1) Penn 340 GTI, Shimano 1953 TDR Leadcore (1 1/2) setup, New Never used, $170 (2) Shimano Tallus 7' Roller Guide Rods, Daiwa Sealine 47LC, Spooled w/ 1000' of Stainless Braid Wire, New Never used, just dusty $200 ea (1) Fishlander Telescopic (6' ext.)Planer Board Mast w/ Amish Outfitters Redwood Planer Boards .... NEW ...$275 Complete (2) Big John Clamp-On Planer Board Reels, weather worn, $130 (1) Reverso 12v Oil change pump and transport/tank assembly ... $190 I have too much to list,so it will be on Multiple Posts, e-mail me with your Needs and Wishes Prices do not reflect Shipping/Handling Fees,Buyers Responsibility The list is ENDLESS ..... and it's only the beginning, I have PICS .... call (910)725-1331 or e-mail me at [email protected]
  9. Tackle wise .....here we go, Mostly ALL items are "BRAND NEW" or SO SLIGHTLY USED .... so here goes Spoons: Charger Lures, Dreamweaver LD/Reg/Mag, Eppinger Evil Eyes, Fishlander #2&3's, Luhr Jensen Alpena Dia/Coyotes/Dia King/Loco/Needlefish/Rattlesnake, Mich Stinger Scorpians/Stingers/Mags, Northport Nailers early versions and Kalidascopes Pro King Reg & Mag Rac Small Wolverine Silver Streaks 300 & 500 Yeck Luhr Jensen J-Plugs #2,3 and 4 Other: Luhr Jensen #0 Dipsy Divers Lake Trout Cowbells(Hammerheads,Lake Huron,Davis etc) LJ Dodgers - Most Flavors, Size 000 to 0 Flashers: ALL FLASHER PURCHASES will receive a FLY or BAITHEAD of choice !!!!!! Bechhold Flashers 8"/11" John King's Reel Flashers 13" LJ Coyote Flashers O'Ki Tackle - Big & Lil Shooter Flashers MISC. FLY"S,Cut Bait Heads,Cut Bait Rigs Ask !!!!! I probably Have it !!!! Prices Do NOT Reflect Shipping/Handling, Buyers Responsibility E-Mail me for prices, most under 1/2 off ... [email protected]
  10. Greetings fellow Silver Chasers. My wife and I are old chasers but new to this board. Our Boat is called the FinChaser and currently searches the waters of Lake Erie for the Walleyes it holds. We have fished the waters of Lakes Erie, Huron, Michigan and Ontario. The Ontario waters hold a special place in our Hearts and always will. Tight Lines and Screamin Drags ................
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